Meat Store Labels setup


I have a Zebra LP2824 Plus Label Printer and am trying to setup the following on 1.25"x2.25" labels.

One station will be setup by the meat section and another at the front as a checkout register.

At the meat section I would like to setup a station that has all the meats on the menu and the employee will enter all the order info including pounds and type of meat ordered.

Now the label printer there would print a label for each order item along with meat name, scale reading (quantity), and a barcode that the register up front can scan to cash the meat out.

Is it possible for a barcode to store item type and quantity all in one?

@Jesse How could I create a label for this?

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Why not just let it create the ticket but just put {TICKET ID} into the barcode and when cashier scans it brings up ticket.

EDIT: Is the scale hooked to SambaPOS?

BTW SambaPOS Supports weight barcodes.


I’d like to be able to ring up the meats with barcodes each instead of the ticket method you mention because I feel the flow would work out a little better.

I see many retail stores using the method I explained, and it works awesome.

Is samba not able to write quantity and item id all in one barcode and the ring it back up through scanning that barcode?

The scale will be hooked up to the station through rs232 serial.

What are weighted barcodes? Do they just contain the weight reading or can the also contain the item I’d?

You can program item ID take a look its under program settings.

You should use a scale that prints barcodes. What you see in retail stores does that. These barcodes (generally) starts with 27, contains weight & item id. So scanning it automatically adds product & set quantity. You can see a sample configuration here.

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Right I am aware that would be the ideal setup however those scales are very expensive vs having a samba station setup with an attached scale and label printer.


Ok so you want just a regular scale that can display weight of item in SambaPOS and then it prints a label with weight barcode for item to be taken to counter for pay? My question is, the terminal that has the scale… are you not using tickets to generate the item and weight? Seems kind of counterproductive to use SambaPOS to try and simply print a weight barcode and then use another SambaPOS terminal to pay.

I can understand what your doing now. I just am not sure how you could setup sambapos to only generate orders like that… your going to have to create tickets to handle the process so what to do with those tickets? Also seems like its over complicating it vs just using a scale to print a barcode then letting sambapos read it.

I remembered a setup you had done a little while ago that cancels all of the orders in the ticket with one button.

Heres what I was thinking.
Customer comes to buy the following at the meat section:

10.4pnds Serloin Steak
2.5pnds Ribs
3.3pnds lamb meat

those all get rung up on same ticket.

then samba prints a label for each order item along with a barcode that has (quantity,itemid) embedded.

then the employee would just toss the ticket with the cancel button you had designed a while ago for fast food setup.

then the customer would go to the front register and meats would ring up normally just as any barcoded item.

Iv looked into the cas scales that have the printers built in and they cost about $1500 which is a little high. The samba setup will cost about $1000 but the equipment will all be separate, thus cheaper to replace on thing then the whole scale incase something breaks.

Also this method will be nicer as there will be a touchscreen with samba which will make inserting orders easier then on the button interface a scale would provide.

Your ticket setup would work but the employee would need to go to a separate entity everytime theres meet and make sure to scan those first to ring up the meat ticket which is’nt a big deal but would preffer being able to scan meat barcode and automatically ringing up meat orders that way.


I havent looked into following any of the steps you guys suggested above but will within the next few days. Ill keep the thread updated.


But really my only question was is samba capable of doing something of the following


put the - because it wasnt showing the bar part.


I got the barcodes working great except one flaw. Due to my barcode settings in samba it expects 1.000 or anything 4 digits (1.002, 2.015 etc…) but when the weight is exactly 1.000 pnd, samba rounds it to 1 and then the quantity is not picked up by samba when I scan it. Any fix you can suggest for this? Any way we can have an {Unrounded Quanitity} option in printer templates?






My label printer (raw printer) wont even attempt print job when I put that in my template.


So I tried a different method, by just embedding the price into the barcode but that still brings me back to the same problem, Different number of decimal places. So I set samba to read Salami at price 2.45 but when price comes out to 14.33 it wont be able to read it because its 4 digits.

Is there any way we can put a range of values for weight barcode quantity length? so 4-5 for example. If I was able to set it 4-5 then samba would recognize 2.56 and 12.56 perfectly fine

@Hasa is it possible to write it like we have no clue about the issue?

  • Switch your printer to demo (notepad) printer.
  • Get the screenshot of output and paste here.
  • Modify output as you need and also paste it here.
  • Paste your template also.

so we can compare issue and find an idea to get the result you need.

BTW if you highlight the code and then press the code button at top next to the quotes button in the forum edit pain it looks like this </> it will show up correctly.

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It should be <J00> Most code is case sensitive.