Member Discount Button

I would like to add a 5% Members Discount without giving Non Members a Discount. I would like add a Button either next to the Fast Payment Buttons.
Thanks Thomax

How do you define your customers that have a discount compared to those that do not? As a Customer entity?

I changed your topic to V5 Question as Tutorial is reserved for when you are posting a tutorial on how to do something.

You can follow the steps in the document;

Have a look at Q’s tutorial. It may be more than you need but it will give you some ideas.

There’s also a way you could add a discount when an entity is added to the ticket by checking a custom field if it’s a member and then apply the discount. You would also have to add automation that executes on order added or ticket total changed that will check if an entity is assigned to the ticket and if it’s a member to then update the discount.

In V5 I tried that just using the 5% and it done every thing except reduce the Bill by 5%. Also tried making up just a Members Discount using similar instructions and it done every thing except reduce the bill by 5%. I must be doing something wrong but I can’t work out what. Also is their some way of having the Button Lower Down the Screen? Cheers Thomax

Hi Veysel, I tried the discount by ticket tags and everything worked except for the bill being reduced by 5%. Not sure if I missed something but I tried it 4 times. I only want to have a 5% discount if possible.
Cheers Thomaxs

Check out my tutorial this should be what you need

Thanks for this information but its not what I want to achieve. Basically I would like a Button and when I press it a 5% discount is applied to the total bill. I have been able to create the Button and when pressed it States that a 5% Discount is applied but it dose not Remove It from the Total. Cheers Thomaxs.

Please share screenshots of your button, actions and rules used

Sorry I’m not able to upload a photo at present but I will tomorrow. I have had some success only problem now is it adds the discount automatically not giving me the choice to choose. Cheers Thomaxs.

add a refresh ticket action to that rule, its probably because the ticket needs refreshing to update the total

so add this action as the last action in your rule and it will refresh your screen and update the values correctly


heres how I have it setup

Press staff discount button, then enter their employee ID

Discount applied confirmation

Balance at the bottom has correctly updated (due to the refresh ticket action in one of my rules)

if another discount is tried to be applied it is blocked to only allow 1 ticket wide discount to be applied

Thanks Rick, it’s not a Staff Discount so there is no ID number. It’s basically a Member Discount so I need to be able to just press a Button to Apply it press Settle if not a Member I just want to press Settle. At present it just seems to add it automatically. I had it working on the Payment Screen but can’t seem to work out what I have done differently on the previous screen. Cheers Thomaxs.

I have it working in the first 2 screen shots but I would like to get it working in the third were it says Like It Here. When the Balance is shown if it was a member I would Press Like It Here and the Discount and Rounding Would Be Applied then Press Settle, if it was a Non Member I would just Press Settle.
Cheers Thomaxs

can you show the member discount auto command mapping settings

This screen but for your member discount button

Looks Different to yours. i only have 2 Choices Under Ticket Type, Ticket or Membership.