Menu item groupings

Hi there, I have SambaPos up and running since March and it works great!!
I would like to change 1 thing on my setup but I cannot figure out how to do it exactly.

We run a small family restaurant and I would like to make it easier for the kitchen to understand the kitchen dockets. So I need to find a way for the kitchen printer to automatically sort the order into “Entrée”, “Mains” and “Desserts”.
However, for the purpose of this example let us assume that there are only 3 “Menu Categories” “Entrée”, “Mains” and “Desserts”. Let’s say “Meze” is an “Entrée” item but the customer wants it served with their main course. Because I do not want to clutter up the small screen by duplicating additional menu items and adding them to different “Menu Categories” I have added under “Portion Prices”: “Normal”, “Mains” and “Desserts”. So if a customer orders a dish but wants it served anything other than “Normal” I click on the item again and choose a different “Portion”. In this case “Mains”. The kitchen printer will promptly print out: “Meze.Mains”. What I would like to do now is get SambaPos to automatically group the “Meze.Mains” with the other main course items. How do I do this? Or do I have to change the way the menu is setup? Simply put I want “Meze” to be by default sorted into “Entree” section of the kitchen docket and only if the customer requests it, it to be placed under “Mains”.

Thanks in advance for your awesome support!!

Hello Aksel. The problem related with how you handle courses. Portions should not be used for this purpose. You can use Order State feature for that. Think it like updating state of an order as Mains, Entree or Dessert. You can get basic information about Order states from this link What does State mean?. Also [New 4.1.14] Limiting Payments by Payment Type tutorial has an example to create a button for updating individual order states. When you mark orders with order states you can group print outs as described here Grouping on Ticket Printer Template [SambaPOS V3].

For a complete sample you can also try John’s Kitchen Monitor sample. It supports courses.

@emre, I haven’t released the newer version with courses yet as it is such a heavily modified setup. Users will need to start with it as a default database as importing is too hard.

Now that we have better control in Ticket Widget Lister for filtering, I may be able to reduce some if the Rules & Actions needed.

@JohnS I’ll be happy to improve import feature if it is something that can be solved.

@emre, you have a copy of the database. See what you think.
Like I said, it’s heavily modified.

I’m not sure if I should start my own thread or not but I think it’s related so I’ll post my question here.

What if I have 5 product groups (Entree, Curry, Soup, Stir fry, Drinks) but I wanted to only have 3 groups in kitchen printer template? e.g.


------Main (Consists of Curry, Soup, Stir fry)-----