Message server problems

I have installed the message server using the Samba.MessagingServer.exe on port 9898 on my server as per Emre’s tutorial

I have also put the details into my tablet for the local connection and the tablet now says connected. this should now enable the server and tablet to update when new orders are placed. This is not happening and I have to manually select a table before it is updated. What am i doing wrong?

Are the Server and Tablet using the same Database?

Show the message server/client settings on both the Server and Tablet.

Got this sorted. Message server info on server was incorrect. Rookie mistake :slight_smile:

I was following the server client tutorial (Message Server Tutorial), trying to have both devices, android and server, live updating regarding whether a table is occupied, served or no, I have no other device than the server (cumputer) and the RDP (android device), but it does not work at all, I change table status on tablet but computer does not show any change.