Metrik mobile reporting app

Installed Metrik app from app store. Signed up, connected with laptop, scanned QR code…

As it shows on screenshot, it seems like not getting any data…

Metrik is new none of us have used it yet. I just signed up and im.followung install now. I’ll let you know soon.

Does your laptop have Internet? Is firewall off?

Yup internet all day long…firewall off as well

Well I’ll try it out and let you know later today. I’m almost certain it just released so it may not be 100% ready yet. The app still says beta lol

Mine is also not getting any data.

I don’t think it’s working yet. @Tayfun? When you click on reports it just says coming soon.

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OK i was wrong it does work I had go to services and start the service SambaBusiness_ws.exe it populated my app very quickly. It seems the reports function is not available yet though so all we have are the main splash screen.


Yes @Jesse only main screen is active for now. The additional reports will be activated soon.


Dear kendash, when u say starting services, do you mean on loca services in Windows 10? Or you meant services on android device mgmt? Thanks in advance

I mean services on your sambaPOS server in windows. All I did was follow instructions. It didnt work initially so I checked services to see if the Agent was running and thats when I found SambaBusiness_ws.exe and it was not running so I started it and bam instantly started feeding data to Metrik.

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@tayfun how can I reset the data on Metrik? I was testing it and cleared my database but the old data is still on metrik. Is there a way?

@Jesse no there is no way to clear, it will be cleared tomorrow automatically for the new day. If you have old version please download the new version of app because agent changed with SambaPOSConnect.

Ok that’s what I thought. Thanks. Nice app can’t wait for reports to work.

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Tried services but didnt work…just out of curiosity uninstalled sambaPOS connect and reinstalled it again. It started to feed metrik with data out of sudden…So in my case it works now!

Thanks kendash and big thank to all admins and samba team for all these years of endless support!!! If ever pass by Belgrade/Serbia u are welcome to be my guests!

@Tayfun, what is SambaPOSConnect? Is it a requirement for something? What does it do? What is it for? Is it for Metrik? Is it for Mobile Client? Both?

It works with metrik sending the data. I assume the data is stored in cloud.

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Thanks @Jesse.

If that is the case, then the webpage needs to state that SambaPOSConnect needs to be downloaded and installed in SambaPOS, and to verify the Service (SambaBusiness_ws.exe) is running. There is no other information about it otherwise. @Tayfun

I agree the only thing I can say is in manage under metrik tab it has automated installer for it. It then generates your QR code.

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Hmm so today I notice no data… i check and that service is stopped again… I go to actual Windows Services and it shows Metrik for SambaPOS is automatic and the exe for that service is the one mentioned above. I started the service exe again but still no data today…it seems very buggy still. @tayfun any comments?

How often does it update data? Does it work with Virtual Workperiods?