Metrik mobile reporting app


i installed yesterday in two locations one location updating every minute i dint done anything otherthan installation .to just check i opened services but NO metrik service showing in two locations . the second location not updating but its said connected succesfully. since yesterday the one location giving continous information of sales great need to work out the second now.


There is no service. Please delete this service and only install SambaPOSConnect. You have the old version of setup.


Hmm strange. I’ll delete that and try again.

Update: I uninstalled anything that had to do with Metrik including an older version etc. Installed just SambaPOSConnect straight from the website link. Now there is no service running and it is getting data, but I think mine is messed up…For yesterday it keeps switching from $399.60 to $568.34 its like its getting two different data feeds… @Tayfun

Update: Now its going all crazy saying that todays sales are 568.34


Now its displaying a third set of data out of nowhere… Mind you that NONE of this is correct data…


Also I do not understand what the Revenue by Time is… its only showing 17 and 18… what are those…24 hour clock time stamps? Why only 2 different hours?


Yes, it is 24 hour clock time stamps. Data will come hour by hour. After end of day it will be normal. You can compare it with your SambaPOS reports.


My data is messed up. It does not correspond to the reports at all. Look at today…it shows 0 but yet it shows item sales. Yesterday I did $414 not $568


What about the day before? just a thought. Mine did that on the first reinstall.


Finally i find a solution and worked for me. Server pc should be logged in with admin account than its fetching properly . I tried two times with other account logged in old fetched data only showing. If any one have solution for this?
Also noticed its take some time to fetch month sales slowly increasing in my case not appear immediately .


It has nothing to do with being logged in to sambapos.


@kendash i mean windows users making differance , if its not admin user its not fetching .


In that case you can solve that by installing SambaPOSConnect as admin then ensure its set to run as admin. Should be good then.


I’m farely sure they are storing the data so monthly is not sent separately it just builds up. Initial data sent may take a bit as it sends it all when you first use the app. After that it will just send daily and your weekly/ monthly will update instantly.

In fact I know for sure this is the case. I reset my data on Sambapos side and the app kept all the data.


Hold on… so this just runs as a program that needs to manually launched for it to send data and not as a service?.. also does it require a particular version of sambapos to work correctly? Or does it just look at SQL? And does sambapos need to be running on the machine? Not many details.


No it does not have to be manually launched. No sambapos does not have to be running and right in the apps description on Playstore it says it works with all versions even v2. Just try it.


Yea I got it installed it’s just not showing any of the correct numbers at all. There also isn’t a service that I see running so I’m not sure how it’s sending the info.


Ah I see it runs as a scheduled task every hour. But data is still wrong not sure how to clear it out or fix it. Seems to just be throwing whatever numbers it gets into the dialy total.


You can’t delete the data. It pulls from the database you connect it too and then it keeps that data. It also seems to only pull data from paid tickets and it goes by date paid.


Hmm why would it be wrong tho… it’s showing alot more than what the totals were for the day.


The “knowledge base” on is fairly sparse, but there are some things worth reading…