Metrik problem to connect

Please some one can tell me how reset the metrik licence ? When I scan the code in the computer said Maximum number of users is reached. and I have only in my phone .

Roy email

I face this problem from 6 month I send already 3 email to and no answer.

Have you paid for a license for MetriK ?

Is it showing when you login to ?

Yes I did for one year for one of my customer because I’m an re-seller in Miami FL and my customer only use the plugin one month. I try to reset in my reseller panel but only allow me to reset the samba key but nor metrik . If you can help me I will appreciate a lot; my customer is already offset because the license is almost expire (in January) Thanks in Advance.

Please give me a screenshot of the qr code and then send me that customers email that is assigned to their CP account. I will have our team look at it.


Hi Roy,
Your License is metriK Basic (1 User)
1 user already registered
I cleared the record of this. Now you can set it up by scanning the QR again.

In addition, SambaPOS V5 and all licenses in this account are registered in the name of Doctor PC Solutions according to our records.
The person using this license must have an e-mail address.
To make changes, please send an email to


Ok now mi customer make a connection. Thanks. The thing know is that not data show in phone just empty (picture attach)

The till is turned on and has sambapos running with Internet and sambapos connect running?

yes sambapos is running with Internet and sambapos connect is running too. what do you mean with “the till turned on” ?

I mean it’s running and have you started a work period? What email is used in the sambarket for the v5 license?

Yes the Barber Shop pos is working now making sales and nothing is showing on metrik

Can you show a screen shot of the samba market screen?

Look you must not be understanding. The email you assigned to the barborshop is not

You assigned a different one.

Please email and request that customer account email be changed to their email instead of

my customer can use

No they need to use their email. It’s their account. You need to have our team change the email on the account in the CP to your customers email.

ok I will do it now thanks