Migrate all settings and menus to another PC in another location V3

Hello, I know this is the forum for V4 but can you guys help me out.I was forced to switch to V3 because the computers that I have are XP maybe can you guide me to a tutorial using samba on XP.

I just started using samba POS and I love it, is great but I have been setting it up in my home computer how can I move all the settings and menus to a new fresh install in my business.

Create a backup and restore it on other pc.

How do you create a backup using Samba POSV3

You backup the database. Were you using SQL server?

If your database is SQL express, you can use Management Studio. Follow the post here…

If your database is something else, you will find file(s) on your system, for example SDF and LDF files which you can copy from one computer to another.