Migrate v4 to v5

as migrate v4 to v5 :(.

without deleting menus

I will be grateful

Other useful V5 topics.

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difference between v5 and v4?
who takes up more memory v4 or v5

minimum requirements for v5


This has been gone through many times, check some of the other v5 posts.

Don’t think there is much difference in minimum spec, if V4 runs expect there wont be any issues with v5.
Base requirement for either is windows 7 or higher as .net 4.5 is required.
I use a Core 2 Duo 2.5ghz machine for 99% of my systems and is more than sufficient.
Usually use 4GB ram for machine hosting the SQL and 2-3 on the others just to ensure SQL has plenty of resources.
However many have used on much lower spec machines.
Have had one running on a Celeron 2.5 all in one machine although felt it wasnt quite as responsive as more powerful machine however this is more likely windows 7 being relatively hungry.

In short if it will run windows 7 it should run samba. If it struggles with windows 7 this will most likely be reflected in samba responsiveness.


You can see file size when you download it. It’s very small. Specs are same as version 4 you need windows PC that can run .net 4.5