Misleading Workperiod and sales Reporting

I have installed SambaPOS4 On 5th of August and on the first day the POS runs well and provide me with a correct report, but on the middle following day the SambaPOS started to provide false report example when the actual sales is $1000 the work period will say 200$. But when i go to ticket section and display all ticket for that specific day at the bottom it gives me the actual sales which is equivalent to cash at hand. So since the workperiod and sales report are wrong i cant breakdown the sales for that day. Please advise on how to go about to solve this issue.

I recommend you to maybe post a screenshot or explain us better where you are looking at and what is wrong, its really hard to say if something is wrong without seeing it.

Is it showing less money that you actually make?
Did you end and start work period?
Where you are looking at in the report? What line?

Please be as specific as possible with the problem so we can try and help

Below are two images that describes my problem even better (i take both of them at the same time).
You can see on image below displays a work period report with the wrong figure 509,500

And on this one i have open the ticket window with the correct amount of 1,618,900 TSH. Now what i don’t get it is why the work period report is different from actual data which is displayed on ticket window. Be advised that i open and close the work period daily and only once.

First thing I notice is it says you did 109 tickets in ticket viewer and only 37 in wp report. Which one is correct? Did you do 109 tickets between 8am and 3:59 pm? Did you close work period before viewing the report?

The correct one is the image with 109 tickets. and NO i did not close the work period because the restaurant was still open. And i think the system is supposed to show the correct data even when the work period is still ON.

The question is why the work period report was showing 37 tickets instead of actual 109? and this is creating a whole lot of confusion because we can have the actual sales figure from ticket window but we can not breakdown the sales to cash/voucher/discount etc. because the work period and sales report are wrong (they give report derived from 37 tickets instead of 109).

It is going to be very difficult to deduce the cause of this without more information.

Show the last part of the Report and the last portion of the Tickets screen, with the Op-Cls column expanded so that we can see the Times.

Take a look at the WP Report and Ticket screen filtered to 2015-08-11 again, today. Do they match now?

Was there more than 1 Workperiod opened/closed on the 11th? Look at your Workperiods screen to show when the periods were open/closed.

Have you changed any of the default Rules? Especially those that handle Open/close Ticket and Ticket State updates?

What about the Accounting side of things? Did you rename any of the default Accounts such as Sales or Receivables? Did you mess with Transaction Types or Document Types?

OK. I will post the detailed report of todays work period tomorrow so that you can get the bigger picture of what’s going on.

Also the work period is only opened and closed once a day.
I have not change or rename any default rule on both ticketing and accounting side but i have added a couple of transaction document on the inventory side. could that be the cause?

Inventory Transaction Documents should not affect Tickets. They can possibly affect the Accounts though, depending on how they are set up (i.e. if you created an Inventory Document linked to an Account such as Sales, it could decrease the amount in that Account). I find this to be very unlikely though.

You are not getting the proper Ticket Counts, which is affecting the Sales figures, which has nothing to do with Inventory.

I realize you mentioned this already, however, please check again for the 11th, and also determine whether a previous Workperiod “spilled over” to the 11th before it was closed. Post a screenshot of your Workperiods.

Thank you for the database backup.
Check all terminals if windows date and time settings are correct. Seems like one terminal’s date is 1 day late.