Mobile client puts the value 1 to zero price products

Hello everyone, can someone help me?

In the menu of one of my clients I had some products with a price of zero, in PCs everything works perfectly.

But in the mobile client to those products puts the value 1 by default, someone knows why?

Thank you

I answer auto, when updating the sambapos in the PC all solved.

I hope that someone will help you in the future.



AFAIK, this is a bug in GraphQL, @emre

I had to build a workaround in QMX to fix this.

@QMcKay I recently reviewed it and I’m pretty sure there is no bug here. quantity is an optional field in graphql and by default you shouldn’t set a value so it gets processed as 1 by default. If you set specifically 1 or any other value it processed as quantity for regular products and price for zero priced products. In next update we’ll also have a setting called “enforceQuantity”. When set to true quantity parameter is always set to quantity for all products.

Edit: Here we have a related post SambaPOS 5.2.11 Beta Release