Mobile Client - Table Layout view

Hi Guys,

I have Samba Pos 5 and Mobile Client - both licensed

I have configured entity screen to actual restaurant table layout and it works well on Desktop however mobile client only shows table numbers.

is there a way to configure this?

There is no Table Layout View for mobile clients, and no provision to configure such a thing.

Consider this: what size is your Device? 5 inch? 10 inch? How do you think Table Layout would look and behave on a 5 inch Device? Not exactly usable unless you have less than maybe 5 or 6 Tables.

That said, I am currently working on Table Layout View possibilities for next version of QMX. I would like to know:

Where do you draw the line for Device Size vs. Table Count before Table Layout is unusable and should switch to Grid View? I am curious to hear your thoughts on this.

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If not based on browser windows size maybe just an on off overide to manually set for whole system (based on mobile devices used being similar sizes)