Mobile client: the order disappears

I have created a new department and assigned the entities. Everything works fine from the PC with the Windows version. However, it does not work from the mobile device with android (latest).

I’m running Samba Pro ver. 5.7.8 and mobile for android on latest version. Sql ver 16.0.1000.6 on win 10 64bit.

Using the mobile device, if I open a table and place the order, once closed (without printing the bill), it no longer displays the status (for example, I have the color orange for tables in the ordering phase).

If I view the table that supposed to be “open”, I see nothing; it is empty. However, if the same table is viewed from the PC, I can see the order. Means the order is there. Seems I can make the order, print it (without table number) and then disappears from mobile.

Additionally, if I try to print the bill from Android during the order input, the table number is not printed.

I found a similar issue in this post, but none of the solutions worked.
This is the post I mentioned: Missing tables when order are sent from Android Mobile

What could it be?

Hi @aciofani Andrea,

In case you send the database backup to we could try to check the situation out.

Hi @Nizam ,
I sent the DB.

Please let me know.