Missing tables when order are sent from Android Mobile

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a situation with the Android Mobile. Sometimes when orders are placed on particular table from the android mobile, the order is sent to the kitchen and prints in the kitchen printer, but when you need the receipt for that table, it suddenly varnishes.
And also sometimes when you send like 4 items to the kitchen, One item suddenly disappears and this happens mostly during peak period of business.
When there is no traffic in the restaurant, this does not happen, but once there is a rush and plenty customers seated, this always happens.

Please can you help with a solution to this.

How do you mean when print receipt it disappears?

What version of SambaPOS are you running? By vanished you mean the table is not on the ticket anymore?

Did you see any warning in mobile client ?

I meant to say the Table disappears front the table screen. When the order has been sent to the kitchen. Once the customer requires his bill, we cannot find the table again. we have to enter the order again and make a print out again.

Am using the current version 5.2.26.

No warning at all. The order are sent to the kitchen and the order is served and prepared. Its just when you need the bill that you don’t see the table again.

At a guess would say you have state filter on entity screen and or are using custom ticket state which is changed when se to kitchen.
Would need to see entity screen setup and some automation to say for sure.
Presumably the ticket is still listed open on the ticket list?