Missing tables when order are sent from Android Mobile

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a situation with the Android Mobile. Sometimes when orders are placed on particular table from the android mobile, the order is sent to the kitchen and prints in the kitchen printer, but when you need the receipt for that table, it suddenly varnishes.
And also sometimes when you send like 4 items to the kitchen, One item suddenly disappears and this happens mostly during peak period of business.
When there is no traffic in the restaurant, this does not happen, but once there is a rush and plenty customers seated, this always happens.

Please can you help with a solution to this.

How do you mean when print receipt it disappears?

What version of SambaPOS are you running? By vanished you mean the table is not on the ticket anymore?

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Did you see any warning in mobile client ?

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I meant to say the Table disappears front the table screen. When the order has been sent to the kitchen. Once the customer requires his bill, we cannot find the table again. we have to enter the order again and make a print out again.

Am using the current version 5.2.26.

No warning at all. The order are sent to the kitchen and the order is served and prepared. Its just when you need the bill that you don’t see the table again.

At a guess would say you have state filter on entity screen and or are using custom ticket state which is changed when se to kitchen.
Would need to see entity screen setup and some automation to say for sure.
Presumably the ticket is still listed open on the ticket list?

I believe I have this same issue and I actually made a post about it. I even wrote to the support and they suggested that it can be network issue but my network is fine. Now same problem occurs in my friend’s place too where has the same setup as mines. When an order is submitted through mobile client, ticket would print but the items dont add to the bill. I would really appreciate it if someone can help me solve this problem. I am planning to install sambapos over with no custom actions or rules.

You don’t have message server running on each terminal do you?

Same situation here, happens 3-4 times a day as far as we are aware, orders from mobile client are sent to kitchen printer but then vanishes. I even added order number to printer template to make sure it actually gets a number, I check the print out and order number is there and when I reopen that table, the order is not there. We had a similar reply from support about network issues, changed to a new AP, Unifi AC-LR, which is only used by 3 modern samsung phone based mobile clients, and a direct connection to a Unifi Gigabit Switch which serves only the main PC and 2 Ticket Printers.

Just a few minutes ago, I got a call from customer telling me same issue happened on the main PC terminal too, this is even more confusing.

Platform is SambaPOS v 5.3.6 db 172, Mobile Client v 2.0.54 SQL Server 2016 Express SP2, Windows 10 20H2 running on a i5 gen2 CPU, 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD Touch PC.

Does anyone know if there is there a log file or a debug mode for message server that I can use to better understand what is happening under the hood?

We are very close to releasing version 3 of mobile client.

Can you confirm that only 1 message server is running. Can you show your message server setup in Sambapos. I recommend updating to the latest version of SQL Server too.

Hi Jesse,

Yes only one message server is running. By message server setup, do you mean port number which is 9000? AFAIK there is nothing else we set up other than that. It is running as a service and I am using 64 bit version.

As per your suggestion, I have updated to SQL Server 2019 Express, l will be updating you if I have any change in the behavior.

The issue still continues on SQL Server 2019

1 message server running and also updated to SQL 2019 too. FYI Hope you guys can solve this problem. Thanks

Actually there is an instance when I would receive a warning. It is when the order registers in the system but then it would not print the item on that ticket. I will try to make this reoccur and provide a photo.

This is the situation where it would give an error message on the mobile client and wouldnt print a specific item. The item would appear on the ticket without a state as you can see in the picture
Order not printed

Hi Jesse,

I can provide a database backup and a screen recording I took with Anydesk, hope it would help in some way to detect the issue.

DRIFTWOOD202107161252.zip (6.5 MB)
outgoing Android (753144356)-SYSTEM (405946474) 0.zip (2.1 MB)

Exactly what happens to me and this would happen randomly to a single ticket. It would let me enter from the computer but not the mobile client. If any order is entered from mobile client to that ticket, it would print the ticket but the order wouldnt be in the ticket. If the ticket is settled or voided and a new ticket is created for that table then it would work fine again.