More Functions for TakeAway Department

Hi ya I am a new user still learning to program SambaPos I have created TakeAway department how do I add buttons for customers who is Waiting and those who phoned for Collection and if it has been Paid or Not whilst the order was taken.Any idea?

Have a look at this forum section.

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thanks for the reply Peter,my query is about the buttons how to create those on the Takeaway Department for customers who are waiting and for those who phoned up for collection

Hi Kav,

Not sure which buttons you mean, but for entities as following.

Go to Entity Types - Add Entity Type and Create Take Away (or any other name)

Go to Entities You don’t see this but it is there. In the right click - Add Entity

Select Take Away and create new number T1 (in my example)

And you will see the new Entity T1

Clone - All Tables - Entity screen

And call Take Away

Select in Entity List Take Away

Move the Table numbers to the left side and move T1 to the right.

Go to your POS Screen and uou will see that a new button is created with Take Away - Click on the button and you see T1 - and so on to build up your buttons and screens.

Think he wants collection and waiting buttons on pos screen, use these to change States so you can track orders on a custom entity screen. Do some reading on states that will help

I think what he wants is to create a new takeaway order then to select either waiting or collection. This will change the ticket state to either waiting or collection and we can create two custom screens to track those orders, one for waiting and one for orders ( or do one screen with 2 columns, one for each which would be easier to view both sets of orders). After the ticket is processed either paid or not

@Peter_Cijsou n RickH thanks for reply

Apologies for my bad english

I want to create those buttons Waiting and Collection on my Takeaway say when I take the order I can specify on the POS and the bill if it is waiting or collection Will it be ideal to create those next to cancel,void…and I want it to appear on the customer bill(ticket) and how do I create them?

Go to Automation commands

Go to Mappings and under Visibility you can choose were it will be visable.

Thank You Very Much Pete