Morning or Evening ticket tag selection on work period started

Hi, everyone. Best POS Solution I have ever worked on.
I have a question, I want to Ask Question when work period starts with two buttons Morning, Evening. the user selects either one then every ticket created in that work period would be automatically tagged as Morning or Evening until work period ends. And i want to make selection necessary.
This is how far I have got:
I know I can select a ticket tag action in Ticket Creating Rule, but how do I change its value to the one that was asked when work period started. I just cant get my head around the flow, How do I assign that work period started ask question value to the ticket tag. Any help would be great.

If your question is on work period start then you would need to save the selected option as a setting value.

Generally work periods are recommended as a daily rather than subdaily event. If your morning/evening times are fixed you could forego the ask question and setup a ticket tag to be set on ticket creation based one the current time. If this sounds applicable then have a look at happy hour without triggers tutorial for {DATE} expressions for time and make a rule using time as constraint for the periods you want to set.

If you want to stick with the question route you will need to have a dual rule setup.
Ask question command name can trigger a second rule (automation command executed). That rule would receive the selected button value as the command value so the flow would be;
Work period started rule with ask question action
Automation command rule with command name of the command name from ask question with a update program setting (global/local=false) with setting name of whatever you want to use and value of [:CommandValue] from the ask question.
Then on ticket created rule you would want a update ticket tag action with chosen ticket tag name and value of {SETTING:whateversettingnameyouchose}.

Id recommend daily work period and the time constrained ticket created rule(s).

Thanks for the quick reply JTRTech, I will give it a try…

If your new to samba automation id reconmend watching a couple of my videos which do step by step through some basic automation;

@JTR Tech
sry for the delay but I have managed to put together actions and rules but I think im making a mistake somehere this is the result that Im getting insted of morning or evening tag.result
These are my actions:
ask tag%20update%20ac
and my rules:

Can u plz have a look, what am I doing wrong, Thanks

I tried your procedure for selecting shifts but I think im making a mistake, I have posted my actions and rules could you plz have a look at them.

You want shown your update setting rule.
I’m guessing you didn’t call the setting ‘settingname’

Oh yeah sry, I left out the main rules and action.


Here the are, can u plz check where am I making a mistake.

In your shift update program setting rule you shouldn’t be using the square brackets.
The setting name is whatever you want and would be what you use when you want to refer to that value is, if you shose ShiftSetting you would then use {SETTING:ShiftSetting} in your tag rule.
The setting value that you have misunderstood and refered to as command value is the value to set for that setting. You have put [:Shift] but use the drop down and select the command value option to read from the passed command value input to the rule.

Your clearly very new to samba automation, please watch those videos of mine I linked they cover many points you have misunderstood here.

Still too complicated for me i guess, I cant get it to work. Ill check out your videos and see if I understand. Thanks for all your help @JTRTech

@JTRTech I watched your tutorial and I showed the message with ask question but I still dont understand how to implement it on my shift change scenario. Can you like build a small tutorial or just show actions rules images that I would need. I would really appreciate that.

undo all the bits you showed above.

Setting Action

Ask Question Action

Ticket Tag Action

WP Start Rule with Ask Question

Update Setting Automation Command Rule

Update Tag on Ticket Created Rule

Please pay attention to the uses of square and curly brackets.
Also most things are case sensitive.

Thank you so very much, ill try to learn from this what I was missing.

I didn’t actually setup, didn’t save anything but pretty basic flow and confident it should all be ok.

If all of your morning and evening shifts are the same, couldn’t you set the rules to run dependent on time?

Did suggest that… But he went for the question…

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Shifts are not dependant on time they are their to split sales in two according to which user came in morning or evening. And the shift open and closing timings are also not specific, a user can close morning shift at 5, 6 or 7 p.m, same goes for evening shifts.

Its working and now I also understand the flow, correct me if I am wrong Im just trying to learn. Ask Question saves shift name in program settings and Command Name is the link between Ask question and update program setting.and ticket tag calls the value from program settings.
Thank you so much @JTRTech I will try to use more of this.

Not quite.
The ask question is just a user interface/prompt.
The question triggers automation command with the set name and passes the button value pressed allong with the automation command trigger.
Then the automation command executed rule, constrained to the command name set in the ask question is called/hooked into the event. It then uses the command value (button value from the ask question), that rule has the program setting update action which it updates using the command value passed with the command event.
The ticket created rule then just uses the saved program setting without a prompt.

Ask Question and the [?Prompt] function are both great ways to input data/trigger flow forks and are a big benefit to the samba automation system.