Motorbike/Car Parking System in SambaPOS4

Dear all,

I’ve started describe idea to configure Sambapos to support requirement of customer for Parking Motorbike/Car.

Here is scenario:
1. Customer Check-In
- Staff registers only license plate
- Customer pay parking fee
- System prints out parking’s ticket

2. Customer Check-Out
- Clear ticket (i might use these concept Clearing of old Kitchen screen tickets or Kitchen Display Setup)

What’s i am worry:

  • If configure in same database with restaurant it might affect to main function of restaurant
  • Payment of parking fee is paid+closed ticket and then how to keep status “Parking or Motorbike still in restaurant”. Should i create new automation and new rule ?

Please share me your idea. Is if possible to configure this system in SambaPOS ?

Thanks you in advance

FYI that would be a question - not an issue :stuck_out_tongue: - have changed for you.

You posted a link to a kitchen screen topic, are you planning to have a screen showing reg for all cars in carpark?

How do your car park fees work? Price/duration etc?

When you say checkin do you mean to the restaurant where your already using samba?

Also, have you seen product timers?
Depending on how your pricing structure works they might be useful for you.

Hi JTRTech,

Thank you.
Yes. I plan to use screen to monitor and take off parking ticket (car left).

For pricing is simple. It is fixed fee like food (ex: Parking fee 3,000LAK, Helmet Keeping fee 1,000LAK.

Sorry, I used wrong word “Check-In” i mean that customer just arrive parking area (get ticket, pay and walk in to restaurant). “Check-Out” i mean that customer shows parking ticket to keeper and keeper “Take off the ticket from screen = Done”.


And they pay on arrival rather than departure?

Yes, they pay on arrival as it is fixed fee.

I would like to create a department or screen to separate work of parking from restaurant. It means that in Parking Area there is a Client Computer + Printer which links via LAN to main server in Restaurant Counter.


All doable :smile:
You would want to be careful like you said not to effect restaurant rules depending on how you implement.

Looking at the topic you linked to it seems to use entity state as a filter on a ticket lister, which could be applied to your needs.

How you log the reg number has lots of options, as you wouldn’t need entities as tickets are paid straight away you could use ticket tag but dont think there is an option for touchscreen keyboard that could be used to apply reg in ticket number. V5 has lot more options RE custom keyboards.

Are you looking to use all touch or going to have a keyboard?

Yes, Keyboard is one thing that i am worry also because our reg number include 2 Lao Alphabets and 4 digits.
It is very difficult to make it simple and easy for user (not much step to click and change page).
I will try. I will try to play around in SambaPOS. If you find any good solution please share more …


You can make it a separate, terminal name, department and in turn set buttons and options etc to strip that terminal down to basic requirements for the car park.

Order tag might be an option as free tag will show a keyboard within samba.
Personally I might opt for a propper keyboard, and use ticket tag.

Okay Thanks, I will try and let you know.