Move order issue

I have problem at move order, samba pos run multi terminal
Problem happen when waiter check ticket 11, at same time cashier move some order at ticket 11.
The result some order move to new ticket, but old ticket still have some order.

Uhmn, this seems like a usage problem and not a system problem, why would you move and add items at the same time? Waiter has to communicate to cashier that he needs the orders moved to a new table, and only after that is done he should open the new table and add whatever he needs.

I test again, nothing happen again this issue, with same situation but not busy. But i don’t know what it happen. It happen twice at this month when high order situation /busy. I check bar or kitchen not print new order, the issue just like copy and paste same order from old to new ticket
So ticket duplicate.

Oh, when you move items its duplicating? Can you maybe make some screenshots?

Have you changed “default move orders rule” rule in Automation?

Also, is your messaging server working?

Yes, duplicate.
I don’t change move rule.
Message server working.
I move order at cashier. Cashier is a server sql server and main message server.

Can you show screenshots of the two tickets.

Yes, later after i go to restaurant

i take backup database from production to check at my develop computer
this main ticket before move order ( split ).
i had been test and check to move order some item and change table, but not get duplicate.
but my cashier do this duplicate order
order No 30, user order erlan 17:49

this duplicate at same order 30, user erlan 17:49

this is default move order

action Move order

duplicate order happen when move order selected item

So there is something your not telling us that happened.

The original ticket was paid at 21:34 but the ticket you said you moved orders to shows 21:35. If the other ticket was paid for you shouldn’t be able to move orders. Something in your configuration may be causing this.

This not configuration.
This happen when high traffic, when 2 terminal open the same ticket, 1 terminal is payment or change table, and 1 terminal somehow still check or add new order. The move order issue occur. So make duplicate same order with new ticket.
So I think to solve this issue, 1 people at 1 terminal permit open 1 ticket

Ok so the issue is not a bug nor a traffic issue. It is when two people edit the same ticket at the same time.

This is what we created the mark ticket as open action for. We will look at this but I do not have an eta. We have many bugs and features we are working on.