Moving Database and Sambapos licence to another Pc

Last night we experienced a terrible power surge,this affected our server.I am told that the motherboard need to be replaced,however this is not readily available in the market.
We have opted to buy a new pc(server),i need to move the previous database hosted on the old pc to the new pc. I dont want to loose my Sambapos licence,i have read through the forum but i haven’t seen a defined way to do this.
i know many have experienced this kind of situation so kindly let me know how you handled it,thanks

You just need to clear your licence key, install samba on new server and copy database and then when you run samba login to your account and activate the licence

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Go to and login and clear your licence

Thankyou so much sir let me see how this will work

How do i resolve this error,it occurs while backing up my database

Change the location of your backup folder your trying to save in a location the system doesn’t have access to

Just try saving in a folder directly in C:

For example C:\Samba Backups

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yes i have done that,now i have restored my database.
The only thing that am not able to do is to connect to the database via samba pos string in sambapos

This is my string Data Source=POSSERVER\SAMBAPOS5; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos;

No Database= part? Sql insyance can contain multiple databases, you should specify a database name.

The database name is SAMBAPOS5 as shown on the string above.Their is no need to specify more than that especially if you are only hosting only one database in your server.
All in all i managed,i had to install the same SQL installed in the previous server,then i cleared the keys as per RickH advice and activated the licence on the new machine.
Customer email has to remain the same on both scenarios

FYI ‘SAMBAPOS5’ in the above is the SQL instance name, not the database name.

Thanks for collection,JTR Tech,so how do i get to know the database name,in all my setup i have never specified database name in the Data string

As I said before typically you would specify a database name in a connection string when using SQL.
If it works without then fair enough however I have only ever specified one.

Full string from my biggest most custom setup at hotel in town here is;

Data Source=localhost\SAMBAPOS; User Id=sa; Password=*******; Database=RAH-5.2.18;

This is obviously from the server machine hosting the SQL, hence the localhost for hostname.
Host-names can also be changed to IP addresses when using static IPs on the network.

At my local pub as a while back they were having DNS issues on their lan I changed all there stings to;

Data Source=\SAMBAPOS; User Id=sa; Password=*******; Database=SambaPOS;

Thanks JTR Tech ,that is well understood now,am glad of your assistance man.