Multilingual Menu Products

Hi Friends,

I would like to ask, is there someone had found solutions for multilingual menu products?

Product tags, it’s been done and documented, well based on my guess and what exactly you mean by that.

We will use tablets to take orders from customers. Customers will order by themselves. So, we need menu in different languages for same products

For how many languages?

Most simple solution is you amend the Header for each menu item, change it to show all the languages, use \r or <linebreak/> to make line break between each language. But that would only really work if you have 2 languages. You can also play around with the column settings and other display parameters to make it look good on screen.

Other method is you create multiple identical menus - one for each language. Once you have the first one setup, you can easily clone it to make a duplicate:


Name each menu as the language you want it to be.

On each menu, update the Header field to show the name in the language for that menu.

Then you can create a Fast Menu on the top of each to enable easy switching between menus, see this tutorial on how to do it:

On another note, have you ensured you are properly locking down the system if you have customer self ordering? You need to make sure customers can only place orders for their own table and also that they have no means to access other tables or anything else on the system. If you have done this already I am interested in how you have accomplished this as it’s something I have been interested in before but not really looked further as I imagine it wouldn’t be straightforward to limit access for each customer.


Thanks for you response! I will try solutions that you offer.

Tablets will not be on table to order-free. Just waiters will select table and will handover tablet to customer. They will select only products to order and it will be go to kitchen after customer select “ORDERS COMPLETED”.

For now also I am searching solution to withdraw out-stock products from menu.

You can create users for each table to take orders from customers.

EDIT: I think 2 languages are enough for me now, local and English. Thanks a lot.

I don’t think you will be able to remove the items at are out of stock, there isn’t any feature that lets you remove / hide / disable products. But you could have some automation to check stock when an item is added to the ticket, then have a popup to inform the customer and then remove the item from the ticket. I saw someone asked about this recently but I can’t find the topic.

You need to be sure there is no way the customer can get access to other tables or functionality. The moment the customer is left alone with the tablet, you must always assume they will try to do something you haven’t expected. So it’s important to think about every scenario that could happen.