Multiple Addresses for customers


Im working on setting up multiple addresses for customers in a Delivery setup.
Following this: Customer multiple addresses

It works quite well, but im wondering if anyone has tried taking it a step further…

I am thinking what if i define a new Entity ‘Addresses’ where i have a more detailed set of fields like:
Apartment Name, Room Number, Street, Subdistrict, District, City, Zipcode, and customer ID to link with a customer.

That would mean on edit customer screen, will need a way to display the relative Addresses and add more if required.
On the ticket, there will need to be a selection to chose the desired address entity for the customer.

This would allow more than 3 addresses for a customer, and have more specific details of their addresses which helps dividing deliveries into zones more properly for tickets as well as for reports.

Has anyone tried to implement this yet?

I need to figure out a way to remove the close button and change the title from customer name to ‘Deliver To:’.
In my case, the customer name (Entity Primary Field) is the customer phone number, so it shows numbers.

PS; Dont mind the quality of photo editing, First try on Gimp… this PC does not have Photoshop.

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You can add unlimited custom fields to entities. Address 1 address2 etc

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Sorry I just read fully what you posted and it would help if you can explain actual case use scenario that you plan to use this.

Not understanding this part. We do not have ticket based entity field selection.

Addresses being an entity was an idea i was exploring.
then not sure if possible yet, but we we could build an interface to select one of the addresses for the customer for the delivery.

Anyways, i followed the given example and works perfectly. I need to figure this out:.

In the ticket, i need to remove this close button and the Entity Name [customer phone number here].
It would be awesome if i could replace with some text like ‘Deliver To’, but just removing it would be great too.

here is a repost of what im talking about.

Well that close button wont go away because your using Entity Notes which are meant to be temporary or able to be closed. Likely you wont be able to change the field you want either. Perhaps you should explore another method to do what you want.

Alright ok… If i cant close the Entity Notes, can i at least change the title of this entity note from entity name to a custom string ?

Here is the action for Update Entity note. You can see there are options to play with including Name, Display Once options, Visible options. etc.

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Ok, tested your suggestion.

This Action box is for each individual address that gets displayed inside the Entity Note. This is working fine as it is.

I need to change the Title on the Entity Note Holder itself… the ‘0815172316’ bit [black text]
that bit needs to be replaced. Any Ideas ?

Its showing primary field im guessing, the telephone number…