Multiple printer

Dear @emre

hi…emre, i need advice
its been a while…in 2 days we will finish the renovation and ready to use sambapos. i use 4 printer, bar printer for beverage, kitchen printer for food, server order for server and cashier printer for ticket printer. but i have problem with printer. i set up food order printed to kitchen printer, and beverage printed to bar order. but when make an beverage order doesnt print at bar printer…
i already adding printer bar, set the menu item for definition print also print job and action at automation for print order but still not printed

How are the printers connected?
Does the bar have a computer?
Are you using the printers network name (\computer\printer) or local name ?
Are they the same printer?

hi johnS
print connected using LAN, BAR does not have computer, i using 2 komputer, cashier and server order for input order, i install the 3 printer ( cashier, kitchen and BAR) in 1 computer with different IP address and name and yes they are same printer…

Do the Beverage orders print to the Kitchen ?
If you change the Kitchen printer to the Bar printer do the Kitchen orders print to the Bar correctly?
In the Kitchen Order Print Job, have you defined Beverages to go to the Bar printer? Can you post a screen shot of the Print Jobs?

ok i will try to chance it between kitchen and bar printer.
yes i already defined beverages go to BAR printer…
thank you johnS i will make the SS for you

when i chance the printer kitchen order to the bar its print correctly…
this is the SS print jobs
for BAR printer

this for kitchen

and this for order printer

And can I have a screen shot of the rule to print the kitchen and bar orders.

You could merge all 3 print jobs into one. Or atleast the Kitchen and Bar could be merged.

problem solve johns…
i edit and add the closing rules at automation rules
i add action “executed bar order print job” and “executed server order print job” and now the printer is running correctly as i want it to be.
thank you for your support johnS