Need Button To Remove TAX from Ticket

Hi, can i remove TAX by pressing a Button from any ticket before printing of bill if I can so please tell me how to add button to remove TAX from Ticket before print Bill. Thanks

Look at your tax template mapping options, you’ll need to make sure at least one is not all (*) and manipulate that, I expect ticket type will be the only option - think this can be changed…

Basically i want this. this is a sample picture not original i share it to clear my concept. i need these button to remove TAX or Service charges from Bill because some are tax free customers so for them i need this button. thanks

There are multiple ways to achieve that. You can find one of them here.

You can find more by searching for “Tax Exempt” keywords.


Hi emre i try this procedure at Samba POS V5 as you told in this post and button was appear on ticket successfully as i need but this button take no action to remove TAX when i click it, Thanks

I implemented same thing and works fine for me. You may need to review your configuration.

i am sharing all configuration by screenshot please check it. Thanks

So you want to remove tax but your adding 10% tax in that action?

Hint… you didn’t follow the first step.

Is it first step? if yes then i have try both type 1 is leave blank Tax Template and 2nd by selecting Tax template. but both type same problem. and my tax template is 10%.

Is it possible that the Tax Template configuration may disturb this button.

Where in the tutorial did he leave it blank?
Also he did not set a tax template in the tutorial either.

Sir i set tax template at the first time but it did not work then for a little try i set it blank

So you set it as . Like it showed? He clearly has a period there. He even drew a red arrow to emphasize it.

now my configuration is this but still not working my button

When you edit an action you need to remove it from the rule. Save the rule then open it and add the updated action back into the rule and save it.

Sir i remove all setting and create it new again. but same issue button appear to Tax Exempt but by clicking button there is no action to remove Tax. as you seen in pictures.

OK your not understanding me. Look closely. The action for tax template you should put a period. Literally only thing in that box should be a .

You don’t put a tax template name and you don’t leave it blank. In the tutorial he has a . there.

Your not following his tutorial correctly because you fail to see he put a . there.

So please erase the template name you put in the action and try following his example by putting a . there

Here I will zoom in on his tutorial picture so you can see it.


I am so sorry. really i cant understand this little mistake. i am very thankful to you for your kind help… and sorry to waste your time. thanks again.

So it’s working for you now?

yes sir its working.

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