Need full tutorial for Samba

hi there
i’m really confused,
is there any FULL tutorial for sambaPOS?
wiki is not completed and for every small task i want to do i search for at least an hour
please if there show it to me,
if not, please complete one and publish it ASAP

there are many things i dont know and many things i cant do and don’t know whether i can do them or not.

Not much samba can’t do, this forum is best place.

I’ve done a few video tutorials for automation which are good places to learn the basics. Search forum for ‘hd with voiceover’ is a good resource.

There isn’t and won’t be a full tutorial as many things can be done many ways and everyone’s setup is different

The forum and the member here that help are the tutorial

Just ask. You have not visited the forum much and have not asked for help much. This forum is a wealth of knowledge and you can also give detailed questions with clear intent and likely a community member will quickly reply. What doesn’t get quick response is vague questions with no clear intent. So please ask us but try to provide as much supporting information that you can to assist us help you.


Also good way to look for info on the forum is by using the search feature. If you still cant find what you are looking for please post in the forum with as much information of what you have and what you are looking for. All members here on the forum are community members and not paid staff. Please be courteous to fellow community members as they would be spending their time trying to help you out.

Hope that helps.

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guys i hope that samba be the best ever
and the forum is very good and helpful
but this doesn’t mean this is the best way
when a tutorial exists it facilitates using
forums problem is that to do a certain change it takes hours
think as a beginner and don’t know much about samba for ever small task it will take much time and that what is happening with me now
please try to finish the wiki and hope a full tutorial with video is published soon
thanks all for your responds ^^

There will never be a finished knowledge base. Every configuration is different. Everything you need to learn to configure Sambapos is available to you. Sambapos is not like the others so it takes a bit to learn it.

i’m talking about lvl 0 ^^
availability differs from simplicity
i think taking hours for every small configuration is not good
i really love samba and i wish it is the best ever and that’s why i’m telling you this advice
thx :smiley:

I understand your concern but please understand why we say there won’t be a completed knowledge base. There are thousands of ways to configure a kitchen screen or build a report. You can’t expect the team to cover them all. They have provided all the knowledge you need if your a beginner though. has everything you need to get started and the forum is really good source.

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Sambapos can go to simplicity as it’s main focus and not allow the custom configurations but then it wouldn’t be Sambapos would it?

Eventually it won’t take you hours. Yes it’s a little more difficult to learn that’s the biggest drawback to building such a configurable POS but it’s worth it. Because it is so open you can do things with it that no other POS allows or they charge big money for. is updated constantly just don’t expect it to ever be complete. Sambapos is never complete we get new features rapidly.

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Just ask. If you are stuck or confused then ask us. Give good description of what your stuck on and we can always guide you.

i know that sambapos is the best because its configurable and i just wanted the base knowledge or what i call lvl 0 to be in a tutorial and the rest be on forum and those don’t contradict :smile:
i will read again
thanks again

The forum is your best resource.

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I was lvl 0 5. Years ago. The forum really helped.

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There will never be tick boxs to enable whole configurations, sambapos is 99% user configurable as such a complete tutorial is just not viable.
The forum covers turorials for a range of configurations.
The best thing is to use a testing db and follow a couple of these to get to grips with the basics. Yes it will take a few evenings of tinkering to get to grips with the fundimentals BUT before you know it it will ‘Click’ and you will see what exactly it is that makes samba so customisable and why a ‘manual’ will not happen.
Pushing to that click point is well worth it, once it happens you wont look back. but yet it can be a little daugnting at first.
As I said before take a look at some of my tutorial videos. Even if they are not what your looking to do the commentary will with any luck help you understand the fundamentals.

When you get stuck on something post on forum and one of the regulars will chime in and offer advice so long as your clear with what your trying to do and where your at. People wont just blindly guess or build full tutorials just for you for free. As people have said we are not samba staff, but users who have learnt samba and built up experiance so dont expect answers instantly or full 121 support as its free help.


And watch out for me my finger posts stuff before I even realize it typed it.

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Likewise I was pretty basic 3 years ago but took on a project and discussed on forum and got help and learnt.
once it clicks it clcks and youll see, you just need to push to that point, it wont take years, just a few good days of following existing tutorials and tinkering.and your level 0 will become level 1 and youll understand, at which point you dont just need to follow tutorials, youll read discussions about errors and see whats being discussed rather than blindly following a tutorial.

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