Need Help: 3 Printers with 3 Computers with one Database (SQL)

I am using Samba on 3 PC’s with one Database (SQL). For printing i have 3 printers attached with my 3 PC’s so i want configure each computer for each PC.
I try this but cant get solution.

One DATABASE (SQL), Two PC, Two Printers

So waiting for perfect solution from @emre


So explain more about your printers… are they USB, Network, WiFI. What will each printer be doing? Printing Tickets… printing kitchen tickets?

We use print jobs to tell what printers to print… we can use terminal mapping to map which terminal uses them. there are many options available to us but we need to know more about your setup to offer the solution.

All printers are USB Printers. basically i have three terminals each terminal have its own computer and USB printer to print KOT and Bill.

You just install each printer on each computer in Windows giving it the same name on each.
Then select that printer from the dropdown in the printer setup in samba for ticket printer and kitchen printer, job done, that simple.