One DATABASE (SQL), Two PC, Two Printers

…each one attached to the correspondig pc.

This is my sql schema.

I would like to print ticket according to the VENUE, this means

for the pizzaria print pizzaria tickets in Pizzaria printer
for the restaurant print restaurant tickets in Restaurant printer

i got lost… jajajjajajajaj, sorry…

The tempaltes are exactly the same, no need to define more than one template… but printers are different, in one case bematech 2500 and in the other bematech 4200…



Change the printer name to ‘Receipt’ on each computer.
Then change the Ticket Printer name to ‘Recipt’ in SambaPOS.
That way when you print a Receipt, it doesn’t matter which computer you are on, it always prints to the local printer.


Wow we should stick that somewhere top. Brilliant idea !

Another cool trick is using network share names.
Because I use a Win8 Tablet as well as my laptop, If I set the ticket printer to \\John-PC\Receipt it doesn’t matter what computer I’m on, it always printers to my laptops printer. I don’t even need to have the printer installed on my Tablet.

Seems simple enough to implement fast, and I also think its a brilliant Idea… I was just going to start struggling to define two tickets, two printers… but this is simple… KISS (keep it simple, stupid), jajajajajajjajajajajajajaj



I just realized that, Iwill be needing two tempaltes, since the name appear in the logo and in letters…

lets go… I tought a simple solution was creating two templates, both pointing to the same printer (as @JohnS pointed that having the same name in different computers would be ideal), and then in actions, edit the “Print Bill” action and add two mappings, one for Pizzaria, to print the pizza ticket and one mapping to restaurant to print restaurant ticket…

is this approach correct?