Need Help for some improvement

Hello, I am trying to configure the system to my needs, and I really found many useful tutorials here, and I implanted many, but I need some help in some issues.
First I had a question, is Training Mode will be activated when I register the system? As I see it unclick able now.
Second in Customer address, I need to make it easier for the stuff to enter the address, as like this big space to write the whole address will generate errors. I want to divide it into many fields. Like One for district and I want to have a list of districts so it could be chosen from, another field for block number and only a numerical number should be entered, and street name and so on.
Third when paying with credit card could a pop up box come up asking for authentication number which is generated by the credit card machine.
Fourth and last question, for vouchers payment, could I do different types of vouchers so everyone can do a specific discount or give a meal free, and also had a unique serial number so it could not be used again, So if it is possible the voucher number could be like KFM 0217 00000001, so KFM will mean for example that this voucher will give any family meal from the menu for free, 0217 as it is valid till Feb. 2017, and 0000001 is the serial number. K05 0217 0000002, and this one will make a discount of 5 on whatever is ordered. Could this be possible?

Thank you all

No registration is needed. You’ll need to connect to SQL Database for this. You’re probably working with sdf database.

Like this?

You can ask any question when a payment made.

For example.

or …

However you need to get familiar with SambaPOS customization features as they are not just “click to enable” features.

You can find details here.

There are multiple ways to achieve this. For example this tutorial may give an idea about possibilities. You can change how it works according to your needs. You can find more implementation ideas when you search forum in detail.


Thank you very much, Today After I will try these and see how it will work with me, Thank you very much again.

For the SQL Database I think I am connected and multi-user

And for the address Yes I want to make it like this but I read the threads you sent, there is no explanation, sorry I am not that expert, but I can understand and follow, I did some like the delivery mechanism you made, and I implanted it perfectly, thanks to you, is there any detailed explanation for that.

for the payment authorization and vouchers I am still trying them. Thank you very much for everything

You’re probably working on default SQL LocalDB. You need to setup SQL Server Express and configure a database connection on Local Settings > Database Screen. When you complete that step and have multiple terminals it will start working. For now you can just create a backup to secure a restore point.

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OK, so training mode can’t be active when working with one terminal.

Maybe not, I believe training mode duplicates the db into a second temporary db, not sure if local db supports this.
You can use SQL express for single terminal! I always use full SQL express on every setup I sell to allow easy expand ability and so SQL manager is already to hand.

Training mode works fine with SQL LocalDB - but you need to add the connection string rather than it being blank (i.e. the default).

If you are using SQL LocalDB 2014 (you selected that during install) then the connection string should be:

Data Source=(LocalDB)\MSSQLLocalDB; Database=SambaPOS5;
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That worked excellent and enables the training mode thanks a lot. but I am still struggling with many issues. I really needs some one who has the knowledge to work with me one-on-one step by step with these issues. I knew that here every one it trying to help each other with their experience, I tried to follow many steps, I succeeded in some but still I could not do others, for that I need some one to help me, and I am willing to pay for this help as it should be, time and effort. I really liked this program I tried others but didn’t get me where I want. And to make it clear I will list here the issues I need.
1- Adjust the printing job as it does not print the customer receipt when payment is done.
2- Making the credit card and dept ones and adding the selection of the card and entering the authorization number when payment is done, and be visible in the report.
3- Establishing an automated Voucher payment method, as when entering the voucher number or codes, it automatically recognize the type of discount and take a note for this voucher so it can’t be used again.

These are the main issues I need help in so is there any one to help.