Need help with Caller ID Set-up where the POS terminal is far away from Landline

Hi guys

I’m having issue trying to set up Caller ID for the Dine-In+Takeaway restaurant

  • Basically the Landline wall and ADSL modem is so far away from the POS terminal that I don’t know how I should connect “56k to USB modem” to Landline and POS terminal. Any suggestion?

  • I used wireless landline phone so the distance between Landline wall for my phone is not an issue

  • On the side note, I’ve also got ethernet thermal printer but that isn’t a problem because I have EOP to link them.

Thanks in advance

As @morshed1 showed us under this topic, a 56K USB Modem is a small hardware that have a RJ Jack entrance on one side and an USB cable on the other side. You need to connect it to PC’s USB Port and connect Line cable to the other side. So you’ll need to extend a parallel phone line cable next to PC.

I hope there is a better solution and someone knows that…

@fickle_123 @emre
something like this

may help. works in a similar way as a ‘powerline’ for networks.

Allows you to plug phone line in and the ‘signal’ is carried over the electricity circuit to another point where you have the other adapter. You would need to find one that suits the setup in your country.

Not tried or tested but should work

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When I set up my caller ID I used a 15 metre ADSL cable FROM Amazon:

You will have to work out the length you require to run the cable to where you need it to go.

But please take my advice and do not use a modem and instead go for the CTI COMET device. If this is the case then you do not need to run a ADSL cable but will need a telephone line extentsion kit, similar to this:

Cheap is not always cheerful so avoid the modem route if you want a stable and consistently working caller id feature.

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I See, so either a

  1. powerline version of RJ jack (Never know this existed :smiley: D) . Or,
  2. An ultra Long ADSL cable huh.

Alright, Thanks for the suggestion guys. I’ll Take your advice and think about which one suits my situation best

I just thought of this but will any kind of VOIP setup allows me to retrieve caller ID from SambaPOS?


as far as i know,sambapos doesn’t have built in voip function. I wish someone can add this feature. :smile:

if you can get eathernet wire to the pos than use blue or brown pair wire to get your Telco signal to the pos. one cat5 will do both

I do have powerline for ethernet so the ethernet cable can definitely reach my POS.

I’m however confused with your recommendation on how to make it work. Does ethernet cable carry over phone signal? and I thought adsl router doesn’t broadcast phone signal to Lan port? Or am I suppose to temper with the cable or something to make this work? A follow-up will be appreciated

@fickle_123, If your confused, then I suggest you go to your local computer/electronics store and ask them for a Phone Line over Power Kit or get an electrician to install new Phone Sockets near your computer.

DO NOT ATTEMPT to connect your Phone Line to your ADSL Modem LAN or network ports.


Hahaha, Close call. Thanks John. I was about to plug rj11 to router’s Lan port and try to call my phone. Then I researched on the internet about whether this is safe and found out that my NIC card along with my motherboard would get fried up when the phone rang.