Need SIMPLE example for Bar Warehouse Setup

Dear Friends

We are going open our Pub in 3 days :disappointed_relieved: and I spent a LOT time reading in our forum here to get into the Inventory -Warehouse relations, but it would be SO helpful have a example for 1 Item …

So PLEASE I need HELP for:
A) one SIMPLE example how to start a Warehouse/Inventory eg with Bottles of Coke which I will sale in my Pub… to see the relation between purchasing items (bottles of coke in Boxes of 24 bottles for a certain price), inventory items and make a recipe to sale a product of “Glass of Coke”. One glass of Coke consists of simple 3 items, A) 1 Bottle coke, B) 20 gr Ice cubes and, C) 1 slice lemon … and finally the linkage to my sale, means I sale eg 3 glass coke so I can see in my warehouse are only 21 bottle left.

AND B)… is there any way that SAMBA gives me an “alarm” message when my stock runs down a certain level for an item? eg when my warehouse coke bottles goes under “10”, bottles, I’ll get a note… BUY COKE???

I know its not smart have 2 question in one topic but I am just running of time, lol, thanks so much in advanced my Samaba-Gurus :innocent:

Please read this here Inventory CONSUMPTION: Inventory Items, Products, Recipes, and Order Tags
It disccused inventory setup, your question might be in there. I have not done any work with inventories, so Im not sure.

Yes I saw this link already and is a quite comprehensive Tutorial, thats why I looked for a more simple example (I dont sale food - so far)… anyway I will go through it again.

Still pending the question “B”, for the “automatic Alarm” for “low stock items”… any idea, suggestion?


Sure it was rickH who did an example where the button header showed if stock was low.
This could probably be adapted to your need.

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Heres the setup

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