Need to Setup RFID Wallet card System for Customers

Hi, I need to start wallet Option, Where I can provide my customers with RFID Card and We will load the balance on the card and they can spend the balance and reload it anytime. I need to include the pay with Wallet card option in the payment page.

Please guide me through this. I am ready to pay for Professional support and setup.

Thanks. Looking for Positive response.

You would need to setup an entity for the customer and set to create an account with it.
The RFID would just be a ‘barcode’ unique number for the customer/entity that swipping will select the entity and in turn enable the customer/entity account button on payment screen,

This is the same principle as a refillable gift voucher, there are a couple of good topics discussing this type of setup.


I have only Seen one Post regarding this, but there is no details on how to setup from start to finish.
This is the Post : Shared Experience. Manage fidelity card with RFID card

I will Prefer the Professional Support, and I am ready to pay for that, because I don’t want any vulnerabilities in the Setup.


The ‘credit’ would be stored on the system.
The RFID are just a way to know who that person is.
What is your main consern with vunrability?
The RFIDs would have unique numbers like bank cards so the till knows which account to charge to.
As with bank card this does leave some potential for cloning but they would need to pretty much hold the RFID in their hands to do anything.
You could add something like a pin if you felt it necersery I guess.
I supose it would depend on the amounts of ‘credit’ your talking about.

We have Repeated customers on our cafe in college, and we have thought to impliment the RFID system to promote our brand (we will print my the RFID Card with our LOGO) and give them discount when they will recharge the RFID Card. We want a nice user interface to manage the RFID cards. We can reload the cards, create new card and see the past expenses. We have a fast food business so we don’t have table system. When ordering, a customer will give us the card we will select the “Pay by RFID Card” and the amount will be detected from the card. We also need to sync all the card data to online backup.

We cannot afford to loose the data. So online backup is must every minute. That is my I need a Expert to help me out with this, and as far as I think there is no guide to impliment this feature.

Thanks for the reply @JTRTech please let me know if you can help me in this.

Just to clarify I am not in a position to offer paid support due to time constraints on other projects.

Sure, Can you recommend someone that can help me out in this ? if not then can you give me a time frame, when you can be free then we can discuss the project, I can wait for 1 month ?

The main thing I wanted you to understand that the credit would not be on the card, the cards would be a static reference like a bank card.

Nothing in this is overly complex just a fair few parts to it.

The automation side for actually using would be fairly basic, one area which i think is overlooked untill last minute is the reporting side of using accounts as default work period report misses account payments and a ledger balance figure.

Ok, I got that, The funds will be stored in the computer, and each card will have a unique number to it. And I need to be fool proof, even if the os crashes, I can reinstall the POS and restore the Backup and we are good to go with all the ledger. credits and reports.

So long as you keep a backup yes the backup would be able to restore samba to how it was at that point inc accounts etc
A minutely backup is probably a bit excessive.

@JTRTech Can you please recommend someone who can help me out here ? or please give me a time frame when you will be able to offer paid support ?

I would not like to give you a time frame myself as supporting this forum is an addictive hoby on side of my regular business which is generally very time consuming.

I generally prefer to help people work things out themselves as nothing is learnt from just getting someone else to do it for you :slight_smile:

The term wallet makes me think of pauln but he generally seems busy with his own project and not sure if he takes on paid support.

There is a add section on the forum - suggest you post a detailed post on their outlining exactly what you expect doing.

Thanks for the help sir, I will post this on AD Section.

I should be able to do this… I have similar setup used and know how to post online backups now with custom data (thanks @JTRTech)

Use odrive and dropbox/amazon backup. It’ll sync your folders online whenever it changes (you create a new backup)


Edit: odrive helps set up too. Pretty straight forward

I am a fan of Onedrive from Microsoft but mostly because I have free 1TB storage.

Yeah I will use Odrive or any other real time folder sync service.