Neew urgent help with printer

when i choose ticket printer in ticket printer option it print good but papper never stop untill the roll run out and when i choose html printer it look like this

. i try every possible way but notthing is working im useing black copper thermal printer.
hoping for a quick responce if possible

As I said in PM, reduce your character count for printer, thats why your getting last 3 letters dropped to next line.

As for feeding out whole roll… what printer is it and what port type is in use?
Have seen crazy things like that happen on COM port printers if braud rate etc is not set correctly.

ok i will check it. thanks for your help

NOW there is an other problem how can i add meal deals?
like pizza apetizaer and drink. 1 combo
i have look all over the form but there is nothing that help plz help me if its with screen short that would be much better.

So is the printing problem solved?

If your struggling to find things its likely people are doing just what you are and just asking multiple questions in one topic making the content not match the topic.

For unrelated questions start a fresh topic.
On the subject you ask about though, what are you searching for, I can see many topics asking about combo.
There is a very nice new feature coming in next v5 update for a very nice combo setup but thats v5 not v4 - v4 will not get any more updates.

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In version 5 a new feature being tested allows this. It wont be possible with version 4 though. Here is a preview of it in action in version 5.

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sorry again
So this the story as u suggested i reduce the 3 Line Character Count yes that solve the problem
but the print is very low

when i select ticket printer option i get this

when i select HTML i get this
when i select ticket printer paper print never stop untill the roll run out

That sounds like a printer driver issue. You might want to check your Printer Settings in windows. SambaPOS does not have any settings that would cause that.

This is the printer im useing

I probably wont be able to help you much. I do not have one of those printers. In windows you should be able to access your printers properties and check the settings there. Post a screenshot of the settings so we can maybe help you identify issues.

no when i change ticket printer option to html printer work good but print quality in low

Settings may look something like this:

Yes you have already said that. We understand that but we are trying to help you fix your printer issue. SambaPOS does not cause a printer to continuously roll paper out. That has to be something with the printers settings.

I found this:

You could try that driver.

From reading their feedback it looks like other people experiencing that as well. Perhaps its a bug with that printers software?

this is printer setting

Try to update the drivers see if that helps.

is my setting is good

Looks fine to me I cant see any issues.

if i use html printer setteing can i change font size?

If you use HTML printer setting then you must use HTML tags to format the output. Trying updated drivers might be easiest fix.