[New 4.1.14] Custom Product Tags

As of 4.1.14 Custom Product Tags are supported.

Edit Program Settings for configuration.

Enter Custom Product Tags as Comma Separated values. After this modification Product Cards appears like this.

I’ve created three tags for Tax type, Turkish Name and and Promotion type of the product. I can access tags with {ITEM TAG:X} tag on printer templates or order rules. This is useful for printing additional info about product or building conditional rule logic for specific product types.

:bulb: You can visit How to print Custom Product Tag caption field - #6 by QMcKay topic to see a sample about creating multi language product names on bills with custom product tags.

I’ll give more examples about this feature on future tutorials.

Will these Custom Tags be available for Order Grouping in Printer Templates ?

Yes PRODUCT TAG:X grouping switch should work fine.

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OK, and now for a silly question, we already have {ITEM TAG} under Order Value Tags. Wouldn’t this be best referred to as {PRODUCT TAG:x} ?

Yes for a reason I’ve named them differently but I don’t change it not to break current templates. On future updates we can also support {PRODUCT TAG} tag next to {ITEM TAG}

Hmm, I can’t see Custom Product Tags when I switch to non-admin user.
Is it just me or it was design like that?
Maybe @Emre can confirm that?

There is no custom tag related permission. That might be something else.

Where you can’t see it?

I answered this last night @emre… He was referring to the problem with his Seats not showing up as non admin. I may be wrong but I think this answered both issues.