[New 4.1.31] Entity Notes

I want to introduce you Entity Notes feature.

You can add notes by editing entities or by using Update Entity Note action.

When you create note to a table a notification badge appears on Table Button.

When you open table you’ll see assigned note.

You can also create notes for customers. When you select customer you’ll see the note.

Here are the supported features.

  • Name: Used to access notes by name.
  • Visible Time: You can enter a time for notes so they’ll display after that time.
  • Visible Duration: You can enter a duration in minutes so notes will disappear when time elapses.
  • Display Once: When enabled note will displayed for next ticket and won’t display again when closed.
  • Automation Command: You can assign automation commands to notes so when clicked it executes desired action.

This feature implemented to work in companion with other improving SambaPOS features such as reservations, payment processing and twitter orders. I’ll release more tutorials about it.


WOW!! thats GREAT…]I can think of another feature for that… messages between terminals…
I can think that could be the really interesting!!!



Dear @emre I tried this featur, and everything woks, except that on the tables screen I cannot see the small red cirle with the messages number… I am doing soemthing wrong?



Hi Emre I see in ALL TABLE the small FLAG on top left…it works.
But I have antother Entity Types with the maps of my restaurant.
In this MAPS I don’t see the flag at the same table Number.



uuuu, I CANNOT see the flag…

buuuuuuuubbbbuuuuuu (i am crying)


I added two notes to “BALCON 1”

I see the FLAG in All Table…it works fine try …
Manage—> Entities --> Tables—> Select Table —> Notes and ADD…a new one

You can choose how many minutes for the booking too…great Emre!!

But if you have anothere Entity Screen I don’t see the flag …at the same time on the same table …



Maybe that is my problem, this is not my ALL TABLES entity screen!!



Hi Emre 4.1.32
In All Table i see the Flag
In my special Entity Screen I don’t see the flag at the same table.
If I enter in the table I see the note.




For next version I’ll improve entity button widgets to display note badges.

Hi Emre,

I want to display members photo as Note.
The image file link resides in Customers Entity>Custom Filed>Image


Suggestions, Support, please.
Thank you.

You can do it by using <img></img> button formatting tag in V5 but we don’t have support for that in V4. Sorry.


Hi Emre,

Im Using SambaPos V5.
I get following after using <img></img>

Try using <L00> tag first

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Thanks, Kendash. But I got Following.

I’m trying to display customer photo. Any help would be highly appreciated…

Try moving it out of c:\ I’m sure I had a similar issue and I had to put it in a folder, try putting it in the same location as the samba logo for the main menu as we know we can access that folder

If that doesn’t work then it could be images can not be used in entity notes

Just be careful as well with entity notes as @emre said he was planning on removing entity notes in a future release. @emre are you still planning on doing that? If so itd save Jivant doing a load of work if a feature that will be removed

Another option is to use the ticket header, that definitely supports images as I use it to display my business logo

Why would he get rid of Entity Notes? I’m using it very well.

Cant remember why just remember him saying he was thinking about removing it so I didnt continue my development using it

I’m planning to replace entity notes, ticket logging and entity state logs with tasks on future major version updates. For example for V6.

Hi RickH, Thanks for your reply. Which helped me to go upto here.

Custom Fields



How Do I resize this image to make it 130px height and align on left?
Thanks in Advance.

Use a photo editor to adjust it. Sambapos won’t do that. To align left just edit your code to put it on left instead of LastName