[New 4.1.31] Entity Notes


Personally I would maybe have an ask question popup on entity selected showing picture asking to confirm and/or a button to show customer photo displaying similar ask question popup.
You’ll be balancing a less usefull small picture and saving screen space.


Thank you for your comments. I resized images using PSD.



Members picture name is MembersId.jpg.

Is there a way to read MemberId form CustomEntity field in another CustomEntity Field Dynamically?
I tried Parentfolder\Memberspic{ENTITY DATA:Customer: MemberId}.jpg but didn’t work.


You need to add the image location to the member id field for each member


You need to type it in entity data field so why not just put it there instead, of make automation on a ?prompt do duplicate entry.


This is my custom entity field table.
RecordID field stores image information.
All images are saved as MemberId
How to concatinate MemberId as image name??


You can’t. You have to enter it manually.


Did you tried solving it in display format? It might be something like