[New 4.1.43] New Printer Template Tags



This tag formats date as defined with X part.

Here is a sample template.

<L00>Custom:{DATE:MMM/dd/yy hh:mm:ss tt}

This template generates that output.


This printer tag prints tax amount for a specific tax template. X part will be tax template name.


Prints account balance of an account named x.

Automatic discount based on customer discount-level with set amounts per product
[NEW!] How to use Custom Reports Module 1.0
Date Format (ReOpen and Pay Now)
Price Of Single Item Different During Certain Hours


Prints portion name of an order if it is different than Normal. Optionally you can define a prefix char as a separator by setting X value. For example {PORTION:.} adds . char in front of portion name. If no prefix defined nothing will print.


Prints product name of an order line without portion. You can use it with {PORTION} tag. For example {PRODUCT NAME}{PORTION:-} prints Mocha-Grande or prints just Mocha if portion name equals Normal