[New 4.1.52] Custom Report Viewer Widget


pardon me for pulling an old thread though, i have a related situation over here.
Our situation is that we have different department in our set up.Bar, Kitchen, Restaurant.The kitchen has other sub departments that is Barbeque,pastry and main kitchen.The bar has other sub departments like wine bar,shiisha-bar,cocktail bar etc.All the departments are using same menu.

What i want is to setup the reports widget in such a way that each sub-department can only view what have been sold on their respective counter.I dont report explorer module to be used by any other staff apart from me and the accountant, i know this is posible either through custom reports or SQL SCRIPTS.Kindly point out how this can be implemented and i will appreciate


i am using version 5. i want to know if its possible to know what to report and who to report to and where.That means if my sale for barbeque today is 10 portions, only the barbeque sub-department will view this report.


You create custom entity screens mapped to specific department. Use custom report widget and use custom report syntax to filter to that department only.


How will i display the reports ,i managed to create the entity screens.Please let know how to display the report on this


Assuming thats a report widget right click it to go into settings or properties and enter the report name in the required field and then once you leave design mode it will appear


the settings and properties are not highlighted


When i add the customer report viewer widget, setting or properties remain de-active but when i select custom keyboard widget setting and properties become active.What could be the issue


The issue is that i am able to edit custom viewer widget,so kindly demonstrate how its done

  1. Enter design mode on your entity screen (right click and select design mode)
  2. Add a custom report viewer widget (right click, select add widget and select custom report viewer as below
  3. This will add a blank report viewer widget
  4. Left click the widget to select it, youll see it has a hashed box around it
  5. Right click on the hashed box around the edge to open the menu as below and click settings
  6. Enter the name of the report you want to display in the widget in the report name field, mine is called Cash Lift Report
  7. Right click in a blank space on the entity screen and click Design Mode again to exit design mode
  8. If your report already has data on it it will be displayed


Thankyou i have really appreciated


Hi all?i just wanted to know if anyone has been able to include the date filters on the custom report widget to dispayed on the entity screen as illustrated above.I will appreciate if someone can illustrate how i can achieve that.
I know QMCKay had inquired on the same on the post above,i am not sure whether he was able to get the right solution


There is an Action for Refresh Custom Report Widget which allows for parameters to change the content of the Report.

You can have Text Editor Widgets on the screen for accepting start/end dates (or whatever else you need) and use those values as input/filters for the Report Widget. Then you have something like an Automation Command Button on the screen to trigger a Rule to read the text editors, and refresh the Report.

Both my Payroll Screen and Account Statements screens have such mechanisms.


Thankyou QMCKay for your kind response , i am trying to follow your tutorial which you had referred me to follow but i must admit i have a lot of challenges in fully implementing this.Especially on creation of automation command button on screen to trigger a rule …I know how to create the automation buttons but am wondering what is the content its supposed to display,if you can demonstrate to me i will really appreciate


Hi all, i have managed to map my reports on entity screen.I wanted to restrict the users on accessing the Navigation screen,i also wanted the users to view the reports as per their departments.That is only restaurant till can view what has been sold on restaurant and the bar till to view what has been sold on the bar.
The issue i am having is filtering the reports with the dates,i believe their is a way to do this. some people argued that the date filters cannot be included on the entity screen but i still believe their is a way-out
I am trying to follow QMCKay suggestion here
but am somehow not grasping the whole concept

So can some one kindly illustrate to customise the text editors on the entity screen and creating automation command buttons.
I will also welcome any other divergent idea to accomplish this.


Yes you can use an editor widget and the action he mentioned. If I get time I’ll sit down and show you. I’m fairly sure I have demonstrated this on the forum… It may have been in the beta category though.


i will really appreaciate kendash, please demostrate how to achieve this when you have time


hi thanks for your immense contribution on this forum, am forever grateful by your contribution. I have learnt a lot through your tutorials and of course all other great people in this forum.
I am unable to create automation command and date filters on my custom entity report, a major reason being the parameters required while creating the Actions and the Rules.
If you have time kindly demostrate how we can achieve this.

I have tried to follow QMCKay tutorial but somehow i am missing the point,i have also searched other tutorials here but they aren’t elaborate enough.


Editor Widget

Here is an Editor Widget on an Entity Screen (from Account Statement Tutorial) …


Things to note:

  • Command Name : the Name of an Automation Command that will be triggered when the editor content is modified

  • Refreshing Widgets : a list of Widget Names that will be refreshed when the editor content is modified

  • Local Setting Name : the Name of a Local (in-memory) Program Setting which will contain the value of the editor. In this case, you can access the editor value with {SETTING:ASDF} (this is how we read Program Settings)

The Account Statement Tutorial only uses a single Editor Widget to be used for the Start Date. If you want to control the End Date, then add another Widget, and use a different value for Local Setting Name. For example, let’s say we want a Widget for Start and a Widget for End… use Local Setting Names like:


Refresh Custom Report Widget action

We have this cool Action called Refresh Custom Report Widget. This will allow us to change the Start/End Date (and other things like Report Parameters, etc) for a Report that is embedded in a Custom Report Viewer Widget on an Entity Screen …


Example (Workperiod Report)

Let’s do a concrete example using something simple like the Workperiod Report.

Create an Entity Screen (Layout or Custom View Mode), and a button to Navigate to that Entity Screen, then put these Widgets on the Entity Screen:

  • Custom Report Reviewer Widget
  • Editor Widget for Start Date
  • Editor Widget for End Date

… TBC, please wait …


Very sorry I don’t have much time. The restaurant sales this time of year skyrocket and I’ve been working 72hours a week trying to keep up.


thankyou kendash i will humbly wait, keep-up with good work