[New 4.1.8] Displaying Tendered Amount

Displaying Tendered and Change amounts on tickets one of the most wanted features of SambaPOS. We can enable this feature by using ticket tags but since it is used by a lot of restaurants and ticket tags does not work fine for some cases I’ve decided to implement a dedicated feature for this.

By next release SambaPOS will store this value automatically.

Next to payment name you’ll see tendered amount and under payments list you’ll see tendered amount and change total values.

We also have two new printer template tags to display these values on tickets.
You can use {TENDERED TOTAL} tag to print total tendered amount and {CHANGE TOTAL} tag to print change amount. On payment templates we also have {TENDERED} and {CHANGE} tags in case you need to print these values next to payments.


I came across a related situation, maybe you can include that in the enhancement you are planning to make.

If a ticket payment is split in multiple, for example the total is $35 but customers want to split it in two payments i.e. $21 and $14. Lets say first person tenders $25, but on the payment screen there is no place to key in the tendered amount for a partial payment. So in such case, you have to do math out side the system to figure out the change due.

So do you want to both type 21 and 25 ?

Yes, so when a custom pays cash you should have the ability to type the tendered amount, system shows the change due. Balance total is updated to the remaining total. However for any other payment types there is no need to show tendered amount text box.

So I made a small change. Let me know if it is what you’ve expected.

Ticket total is $39,38. Two person will pay. First person will pay $19 and the other person pay remaining.

I’ll type 19 and click Split button. Clicking Split changes Total amount. He gives $20 so I’ll type $20.

Clicking Cash displays change amount. I’ll click Reset Button (x) to continue.

Total displays remaining amount.

This is certainly going to fly :slight_smile: