[New 4.1.9] Asking Admin PIN for operations

We can configure confirmation for Automation Commands. This is very useful for some cases.

For Example I’ve changed “Void” command to ask for Confirmation.

… and Gift command to ask Admin PIN

Let’s see what happens when I try to void an order.

It asks if I want to continue or not. You can change any automaton command to ask for confirmation.

Now click “Gift” Button and see what happens.

Nothing asked ? No need to ask Admin PIN if you are already an Admin user. Switch to a non-admin user and try it again.

I need to enter an admin pin to be able to gift an order. Swipe cards should also work fine here.



This is great. Do you have any other options to select a restricted “Admin” role?
I have a role for my supervisor which allows her to do everything except account, reports and management button. But to be able to use this, I need to check the admin button for her, but then she can see everything included the accounts, reports and management. Is there a way to use this and restrict the permission to what I’ve set?

One more question. As there are people walking around or behind her, does the confirmation windows allows QR / Barcode scanner to work so make the process more discreet? If this will work, then it will be fine to use Admin role.

Cheers! :slight_smile: