[New 4.1.9] Pre-order tickets

You can create ticket types to create pre-order tickets.

Pre-order tickets are useful to create draft tickets that will be converted to a real ticket in the future. These tickets are useful to handle cases such as reservations. While there are active pre-order tickets you can close work period and these tickets does not change inventory and work period reports.

You can use “Change Ticket Type” action to convert pre-order tickets to a real ticket. You can implement different scenarios with that. For example if you are using it for reservation you can create “check-in” action to convert reservation ticket to a restaurant ticket.

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great, can not wait to try it! :slight_smile:

Hello Emre, I followed the Reservation example and that has worked well, except for when a customer is not selected. I also wish to implement this for event reservations. I would like to just list all the entrees and give a fixed price per person How can i go about doing this?

How to change the transaction type to Reservation transaction?,i don´t find this type inside the transaction type.

You need create a reservation ticket type and use actions and rules to change ticket type to reservation when you press your reservation button

i created a reservation ticket type but doesn´t find the reservation transaction type…

Think you need to create that in accounts