New features regarding language Part


I would like to pay extra features for language part in order to work
For this license i will need pay 99USD. but i would likke to pay 200-300USD in order to add a little feature on my side

As i chat with your leader he told me to create a thread over here.
Isn’t possible i can take the email or skype in order we discuss more on it?
I will need it to run in my restaurant quite urgent

Hope to chat in skype so that can have some call over there and discuss more about it

I will keep refresh the topic for your reply


@markjw is very active with his company. A word of advice though you should edit your post and take contact info out of it. You can communicate that information once your contacted by the community in private.

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How should i get their contact as i need the modification on SambaPOS?
Can assist ?

Sorry & Thank you !

Hi Chris,

I sent you email you can reply with details about what you need and we can quote you for professional services if it’s possible.

But as Kendash suggests, please edit your post to remove your email address as this is a public forum.

Hi Mark.

I didn’t receive any email come from your side.
are you sent wrong email? can we have private chat for it?


Maybe you can check again? I sent it same moment I posted the message here.

Hi mark
I replied you. Chat there


Regarding your request about Arabic language translation, it does not exist at the moment for V5, however you may contribute the translation and it can then be possible to use in a later version. I believe V3 had Arabic language translation, you can request on the post below and if it existed for V3, it can be added to the translation system and you can make changes to it there / complete the translation.

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Hi Mark

I already replied in your email. I hope to have skype discussion since it’s will be more efficient for both of us
Looking forward for your reply.