New Order changes sub menu everytime

A little teething issue with sub menus. Every time a new order/ ticket is made if you click into a different sub category then an item it will then default back to draught. No matter what sub menu it will always default back to draught. I am sure it is a easy fix just hard to find as it is hard to describe.

For example

This is a new ticket which is on Draught

I then click onto say “spirits” which changes the products

Then you would select the Spirit which was ordered

Once the item is pressed it will go back to draught as shown here

What could be causing this?

That’s not what mine does so not sure,
What version are you running?
Do you have any menu switching actions?
Any unusual order added rules?

Ate you using different menu’ s and do you have a default menu defined in your ticket type? If so try removing the menu mapped in your ticket type.

@JTRTech it seems like a strange issue. I am running 5.1.62 and no I do not have any other menu, it is a standard menu for all terminals.

The only rules added to this system are to void, re open settled ticket, print bill on its own, cancel void warehouse.
There is no rule that messes with the orders as such

I have checked all this and there is no default menu and I have removed the mapping as you said but still this issue occurs.

So you are using the actual submenu option? If I remember correctly that is by design that it returns back to main category. If you want different behavior you might consider using switch menu action and use different menus with Quick Menu at top to change between them. It requires quite a bit of time to setup but it works very well. I use it for mine.

Are we talking sub menu as in menu item sub menu not fast menu?
Unless this has changed since 5.1.60 which is still in live production system at hotel adding a product doesn’t jump back to first one. I dont remember any recent submenu discussions since the major adjustments we made late in v5 beta.

hmm. well this is how my sub menu is setup

is this how it should be set up or is this the wrong way?

That’s how I have mine…

Are you on the same version?

although this issue was happening before the version upgrade as well.

How strange, I bet it is something very simple. Does anyone have a vague idea as I haven’t seen anyone with a similar issue.

No, live system is still on 5.1.60 but home machine is .62 and not noticed but tbh haven’t been looking.

Show the Menu Category configuration settings.


Here is what the menu category looks like. This is the only menu I have on the whole system

That is your Menu. I want to see the Category Configuration/Settings for “Beverages” …

And possibly the Menu Configuration/Settings …

P.S. This is the Format that I use:

<block Left Yellow><size 60> </size></block><panel><bold><italic>{0}</italic></bold></panel><block Right Yellow><size 60> </size></block>

FYI, the behavior you describe is not consistent with how it normally works, as you can see in the following video …

Do you have any Products in the Category that are missing the SubMenu assignment?

Thats a good shout, would put a £ on that being the cause - ungrouped menu item.

Actually, I reproduced this behavior if I have a Product assigned to the same Category and SubMenu multiple times. First addition of a non-duplicate Product makes it flip back to first SubMenu.

Somewhat similar behavior if duplicate Products are missing SubMenu assignment… first addition of Product makes it flip back to “NO SubMenu” …

It might also have to do with the Sort Order of the Products and their SubMenus.

Either way, I would check for duplicate Products. Click on the Product Header Column to sort the Products to easily find duplicates.

Um… weird. I removed the duplicates, Logged Out, Logged In, and it is still “broken”. Hmm…


I have just double checked for any duplicates or products missing sub menu. It is a strange issue to be fair.

here is what you requested earlier as well my category configuration:

Yes, I am experiencing this weird behavior now as well. Very strange.

The key is to NOT make a selection from the first SubMenu. Select an Item from another SubMenu first, and you will see it flip back to the first SubMenu.

If you notice my first video, I did not do that. I selected an Item from the first SubMenu first, then selected an item from another SubMenu. That initial selection prevents the behavior.

EDIT: I just checked one of my Production Systems (running 5.2.2 Beta) and the same odd behavior occurs.

@emre, I will confirm this as an Issue/Bug since I believe it to be unwanted (unintuitive) behavior.

Hey QMcKay,

That is great you have been able to replicate the issue. So is this an issue where a duplicate Item might have been added then removed.

Because I believe that has happened where the end user add a few items the same and I went back and cleared it all up.

thanks for all your help by the way.