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Very effective and fast RDP application. Ideal replacement for Pocket Cloud.



Hi I have used Microsoft RDP on 2 android tablets, and tested last week without any issue.
I have experience from the past wit RDP and yes, this is a stable connection as-long you have good WiFi coverage for your tablets. Advisable to install WiFi Repeater if using on a Terrace, to optimize the connection.
Keep the management Network always separate from your Guest Free Wifi.

here is the link;

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how did you accomplish it? I have win 10 but when I loggin on android device it log me out from computer.

You need to setup rdp wrapper in order to support concurrent rdp connections.

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I just found that, thanks for your help currently I’m running on android device but i have a problem with refreshing the colors on the table screen, it does not change as I changed on the android device

im sorry, im confused. What do you mean? rdp is just sending over video data of whatever your computer is runnnig so it should work exactly like it does on your computer.

I know this question belongs to another threat, but I was following the server client tutorial (Message Server Tutorial), trying to have both devices, android and server, live updating regarding whether a table is occupied, served or no, I have no other device than the server (cumputer) and the RDP (android device), but it does not work at all, I change table status on tablet but computer does not show any change.

you need message server configured in order to get that working.


Drag up an old topic with a pretty much unrelated issue?
The page you linked to tells you what that error means. Something wrong with phone restore?
Either way it is not a samba related error, wither iPhone or the RDP app your using…
Ok, new sign up, so guess it’s spam.

Yeah it’s spam, the link goes to a site with a tech support scam on it.

I deleted him I’ll also lock this thread.

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