New user needs serious help

Hi everyone,

I’ve just downloaded SambaPOS 4.1.21 to try and set up in our restaurant. I’ve already run into some snags, and I haven’t even really gotten started yet.

I see the pre-loaded examples on the system for table setup, menus, etc. I’m wondering if someone can point me in the direction of a couple of tutorials on how to remove these pre-loaded items and start setting up my own?

Every time I try and delete something, it tells me I can’t because it’s being used by ________________. It seems to be a never ending cycle of “you can’t delete this.”

Can anyone offer me some place to start?


There are two basic parts to entering products.
1… Manage->Products->Products List
2… Manage->Products->Menu List

After you add a product, you need to add it to the menu.
When deleting a product you need to remove it from the menu first.

The reason for this is that you may not want to list all products on the screen (for instance if they are barcoded), or you may put products in different screen categories with different names.

Whenever you change the menu, you will need to logout and log back in to refresh the menu in POS.

Thanks, that’s helpful!

Now I’m trying to figure out how to create the taxes. Any pointers?

I love the look of the software, and I’ve found a wonderful tutorial on how to customize the table layout to that of our restaurant, so I’ll use that one.

Manage->Accounts->Account Types->Add
Name - Tax Account

Name - Tax
Account Type - Tax Account

Manage->Accounts->Transaction Types->Add
Name - Tax Transaction
Source - Receivable Account
Target - Tax Account
Default Source - Receivables
Default Target - Tax

Manage->Products->Tax Templates->Add
Name - GST {or your tax name here}
Account Transaction - Tax Transaction
Rate - 10 {meaning 10%}
Click on Mappings and click Add. You can map to all products, or product groups or individual products, even departments.

Now when you select a product, the Tax will be shown at the bottom of the ticket screen.
Note : When using Taxes, you product price needs to be ex-tax.

PS - To remove this, delete the above settings in the reverse order. But once transactions have been made, accounts cannot be removed, so use the Mapping to disable the Tax Template

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Thank you VERY much! I had set it up a different way but it probably wasn’t accurate. I feel more comfortable now that I’ve followed your set up.