Nightclub / Bar setup?

As a new user to Samba I am currently looking for some help. The reason I have decided to use the Samba POIS software is clearly because I like the way it ca be customised to do what ever I want and that it is Free to use :slight_smile:

I am looking to use Samba to setup a Night club / Bar POS but after searching your forum I am unable to find anything that I could download or use as a Tutorial to help me set the software up as I need it.

Are you guys able to help me out? What I need…

Simple interface for staff to ring up sales (bottles of beers, cans of beer, cans of cider, spirits) would also need a Inventory tracker on these items.

Challenge 25 - check DOB with current date to make sure they are over the age of 18.

i havnt a clue what to do with any off it lol … was maybe looking for someone to send me the files and I could install them somewhere

@Colin_Lundy trust me, it would be invaluable for you to pick up the basics of automation and understand the more simple side of automation over just importing a config as that is where the power of samba customisation is.
I would reconmend watching a few of my video tutorials, specificly the fast cash buttons and show change message ones as you would undoubtably want these on a bar/night club setup.
Search the forum for ‘HD with Voiceover’ and ‘4K with VoiceOver’ to find a selection of my videos.
There are done in a way to help new users get to grips with samba automation and well worth you watching.

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Have a search for some of my tutorials they all start “Ricks Tutorial” so search for that. All step by step guides you can copy and adapt

A nice simple one to start could be to look at the bar tap setup using ticket tags

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Where can i get your video training
I do need your help

just do a search in the forum or click this link