No automatic backup done


I have 3 questions about backup:


Why does my auto create backup after work period ends not backup ? See picture


I want to restore my database on another computer - computer 2 - with fresh version of SambaPOS v5, SQL Server 2014 and sample data. To be sure it works and also to test my modifications before implementing them in production.

Does Manage addon licences on backup and restore does what I think it does?
If I uncheck that property for both backup and restore, I’ll be working as unregistered on computer 2 and I will have no problem of Licences, right?


Can I make a manual backup on a running system or do I have to end working period and/or logoff all users?

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(My next questions will surely be what customization is kept in the database and what are kept on plain files on terminal. As I am completly using the base SambaPOS with really few customization, I am expecting to have everything on Computer 2)


Local settings page is not in database.
Images like entity screen backgrounds/product images are not in database.

Automation, rules, scripts, products, sales data, inventory, printer setup, templates, report templates, users etc are all in backup.

You can backup on open work period.

Live system would probably be recommendable for all users to logout before backup so you know nothing is being done whilst backup created.

Manage licences should be ticked… beleive this is meant to prevent the restore trying to claim the licence activated on the system which the backup was created.

User directories are notorious for being locked down and not allowing SQL to write to a User Folder. Change the Backup Location to a path that is more universal.

I don’t know what that option does or does not do. I do not use the Backup Database facility whatsoever. I run Backups via BAT/SQL script using Start Process Action.

You can make a Backup at any time. Just know that your backup, when restored, will be in the same state, so if your WP was open and you made a backup, then restore that backup, the WP will be open on the restored version.

“Local Settings” are kept in files in the Windows User path ([Documents]\SambaPOS5).

Obviously images are not stored in the DB since they are always referenced by their Path. The Path is stored in the DB, but not the Image itself.

Nearly everything else is stored in the Database.

If you restore a backup from your Test machine onto your production machine, everything on the Prod machine will be replaced. That means any Transactions (Sales, etc) that you have made will disappear on the Prod machine.

It also means that any test Transactions on your Test machine will be restored to Prod machine.

Because of this, you can see why restoring Test backups onto Prod is not something you should do. That is what DB Tools Export/Import is for… you develop your Reports, Automation, etc on Test machine, then export the elements from Test, then import the elements on Prod …


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