How to use DB Tools (Database Tools Export/Import)

A Database Tools (DB Tools) file is a simple TXT file containing JSON-formatted data which describes different configuration elements in the SambaPOS System. For example, DB Tools files can contain Screens, Tasks, Printer Templates, Automation (Rules/Actions/Automation Commands), Accounts, etc.

You can Export configuration elements (create a TXT file), or you can Import configuration elements (by selecting a TXT file) using the functions in:

Manage > Settings > Database Tools > Tools

DB Tools Export

The procedure to Export elements:

  • Click the button Export to File.

  • Select the elements you want to export by ticking the checkboxes.

  • Choose a path and file for the Export File.

  • Click the button Export.

DB Tools Import

Many SambaPOS users have created Database Tools (DB Tools) files that you can use to import configurations and setups. These are TXT files that are usually supplied inside a ZIP file.

The procedure to Import elements:

  • If the DB Tools file provided in a Forum post is a ZIP file, then extract it first to get the TXT file.

  • Click the button Import from File.

  • Locate and select the TXT file you want to Import.

  • Click the button Open. You will see a notice that the file was imported and that you need to Login.

  • Click the button OK on the notice.

  • Login.


Just thought I’d mention - you can actually open the ZIP file directly, you don’t need to extract the TXT file first. Just change the file type in the open dialog.

This works as long as the ZIP file contains only one single TXT file

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