None Toppings that are not wanted on a product

There are some toppings that customers would not want on the product but there in the recipe and the system shouldnt remove in the whorehouse when the product is sold. How can the None be done?

Leave it out of the recipe and use order tags for it.


You can preselect order tags in the menu setup for category products, like you can portions etc.

So its possible that a Balance of stock in my inventory will be done soon as the product is fired?

Not sure what you mean by that?
Pretty sure the inventory will be deducted on ticket close/submit (not payment close but closing to table / or payment close if cash sale without tab)

Hi. For example you buy a pizza which comes with chicken by default and you say no chicken on it. So how do I bypass the chicken which is mapped in the recipe?

As suggested dont include toppings in recipe and instead map topping ingredients to order tags for toppings.
Then set topping tags by default to the product using the edit category products window of menu so by default topping order tags are selected and so inventory set, to remove a topping remove the order tag…


Hi, I Followed what you wrote above When I Go to Edit Category Produtsimage

I am landing to a screen which is not allowing me to do what you have explained.

You need to just the edit product properties

Then on the products you want scroll along to the column where you can set the default tags and type them in

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