Number pad to choose entity

Not sure where to start for this… I’ve created a new entity screen that I can choose a button to create a new ticket… But I need a number pad to pop up after so that I can choose the entity. This is for a fast food restaurant so we hand out little plastic numbers that sit on the table. Trying to go through the entity screen to choose a number out of 67 can take a few seconds… It would be much faster to just create a number pad and choose the table like that. Any ideas where to begin?

Would you not be better to recall using ticket ID? Maybe with basic barcode scanner and set receipt to have barcode of ticket ID?

Anyway as it is would would start your rule based on numberpad entered event and build with actions of your choosing.

We could do that but it’s much easier for the older staff that is used to the old pos we are now using to have it work similarly. I just am not sure on how to create the number pad.

How do you mean create numberpad?
Have you changed so key pay doesn’t show in the menu category options?

I dont think you understand… Here is the flow of what i am looking to do… i want to select a button on the entity screen that before it creates a new ticket asks me to choose the entity number… but instead of poping up a list of all the numbers id rather have a number pad pop up so i can just type the entity in and go…

Would this work for you? This is a Custom Entity screen that I use as the Workperiod Cashout screen.

The fields on the left are Editor Widgets. They take input from the Keyboard Widget that is on the right (or your physical keyboard).

The Float values are Automation Commands with dynamic Captions. When clicked, they use a [?prompt] for input.

So you have options. What works best for you?


I was going to suggest something similar. In fact was in middle of typing it when you beat me to it Q lol. I was going to suggest an Automation Command Button that uses the [?prompt] and masking for custom keyboard to show only numberpad.

Yes now were on the right track!.. I was thinking a custom entity screen with a automation button for creating a new ticket for dinning in and before it creates the ticket it has a number pad pop up to type in the entity number and then goes to the ticket.

The short answer for your question is…

Execute Change Ticket Entity action in the rule that works when button is clicked and set Entity Name parameter as [?Card Number].

… but you’ll probably have more questions. I really didn’t like my answer.

To be able to provide a better answer I need to know how you differ dine in tickets, how you named entities, how you’re assigning them to tickets. how you’ve designed your custom screen etc… Because anyone who wants to help should be able to imagine your setup in his mind, or better implement something similar on his SambaPOS to be able to offer a working solution. So if you help us to understand your issue we can help better to solve that. Please post few screen shots about what you’ve did so far, explain us how it works and what you expect to happen instead.

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Im just begining to set this up… i have all the menu stuff squared away its just the creating of the tickets that im working on and not sure where to go… maybe i can draw some pictures of what i need. Might take a while.

No… No need to draw pictures. :smile: We just need to know more about your current setup. So seems like I have to ask.

  1. How did you named your entities? Are they just numbers?
  2. How do you differ dine in tickets from other tickets? I think you don’t want to ask that for all tickets so I need to have a clue about how can we decide if we have to show that popup or not.
  3. Did you created a new entity type for these cards or are you using already existing tables?
  4. What you mean to show in custom entity screen? Will you show something about cards in use? Will you need to see the ticket assigned to a specific card?

Hey @antasp3136 just a Junior here but the first thing I designed in its simplest form was a swipe rule to bring Customer up like below.

No screens, no popups just swipe and you have Customer, Open Tickets and whatever else assigned.
Anyway need to go to bed (12.37am Perth) so let me know if you need the 2 actions and 1 rule with Entity setup. The Key is to have your primary Key as Customer Number in my setup.

  1. Entities are just numbers
  2. We have three types of tickets. Dine in and Pickup or ToGo. For dine in I just need to choose the Number… For togo and pickup i need to choose a name or type a name.
  3. I used the same built in entities so the tables are now the Numbers.
  4. Basically I just need a entity screen with Three Buttons… One for Dine In… one for To Go and one for Pick Up… when i choose the Dine in button I would like for a Numberpad to display so I can type in the entity number. I also would like for it to tag the ticket as Dine In. If I select one of the other buttons like To Go or Pickup i need it to do the same except i would like for it to allow me to add a customer or choose a customer entity by name so i need the full keyboard and everything. I just want to make the navigation simple instead of going to multiple entity screens just have one button that forces the user to those steps to get to the menu.
  5. I think i was confusing people when i used the work cards… the cards or numbers are just a little plastic thing to give the customer while they wait for their food… they look like this…

OK. See if it works fine for you.

I’ve created a new entity screen called Console. Mapped it as regular.

Added a new automation command but not mapped it and left caption empty as I’ll map it to a button widget.

Added a button on entity screen and mapped it to command.

Created a new Change Ticket Entity action as follows. It create a new ticket and assign entity automatically.

Created another action that displays new ticket on screen. Ticket Id should be 0.

Created a new rule that works when Create Ticket button clicked. Added two actions I’ve recently created.

Parameter [?Table Number] means we’ll ask user Table Number.

Clicking Create Ticket button popups this screen.

Typing B11 and clicking OK button creates a new ticket and assigns B11 table.

As your entities as just numbers you can customize popup as [?Table Number;;;ON] to make it only accept numbers and hide cancel button.

As a result popup appears like that.

Hope it helps.

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Yes that is perfect! Thankyou!

How would I create the same thing but have it bring up to choose customer entity and allow me to create the entity if it doesn’t exist?.. [?Customer] I’m going to try this but I have no idea what’s going to happen haha :smile:

Well it kind of works… i can choose the button called Pickup Order… and it pops up a screen where i can type in a name but Im not sure how to get that to work like the customer search screen when choose the button…

This is my action…

and this is the rule…

and the automation command…

When prompted for the Customer Name, it must match exactly for it to select the Entity.

You can try this:

Alternately, if you want the default Search Screen to appear, you can create an Action to Navigate to Entity Search, and have your Automation Command fire that Action instead…

@QMcKay that is exactly what I need… the next and final thing I think that is left is a way to have it auto tag the ticket as a Pickup Order… this is a rule I created but its not working…

the actions…