Number pad to choose entity

I guess when i do this i cant hide the search customer screen if i want this to work?.. i want to make it very simple two buttons the dine in and pickup button… for it to not go in too many directions for people that are basic users.

The Custom Constraint in your Rule is preventing the Rule from firing.

Entity Name Equals [:Customer]

[:Customer] will not contain a value. The syntax used in the Constraint is not valid in this case.


Entity Type Name Equals Customers


{ENTITY NAME:Customers} Is not Null

Would making it Customers apply to all Customers tickets created then and not the chosen customer?

No its a constraint.
Think of it like a question.
The action is entity selected and constraint is entity type name equals customers.
So question is;

When entity is selected is the entity being selected a customer type entity.
This question is being asked in the action of selecting an entity for a ticket and only applied to that ticket.

Customers is the entity type name, being plural doesn’t mean it applies to all customers just thats the entity type name.

Only the Customer chosen. You cannot have more than 1 Entity of any given Type assigned to a Ticket.

You can have a Table Entity and a Customer Entity assigned to the same Ticket, but you cannot have 2 Customer Entities.

And it will only be valid for the active Ticket.

Without seeing your exact flow, it is difficult for me to say for certain. If we could see how you handle Ticket Types, Toggling of the Dine In/To Go, I am sure there are other options available to you.

Hmm none of those options seemed to work… i only want it valid for the active ticket i am creating when i search for the customer by name and select them then i want it to tag the ticket as pick up.

Are you starting a ticket and then selecting entity or selecting entity first?

Im choosing a automation command that then puts me on the search entity screen to choose a customer then when i choose the customer im starting the ticket.

Yes it is funky that way. The Ticket screen is displayed, but the Ticket is not really created until it is closed.

Put your Tag Action in a Ticket Closing event.

This will not show the Ticket Tag at first. But when you close and re-open the Ticket, you will see that it has been tagged.

So your entity is being selected but the tag isnt working?

QMcKay beat me to it, thought it might be the case of trying to tag before ticket was actually created.

No don’t do that for choosing customer. I don’t think it will simplify the case. You may define a flow for operator but you can’t define a flow for restaurant’s customers. While receiving orders from customers they may tell their name first or start telling orders, they may change their mind, want to change address, I mean anything may happen so don’t create a sequential flow. Displaying ticket and letting operator to click Select Customer button when he is ready to do so is a good solution.


Ran into a strange issue… when creating ticket for table i have a popup for choosing a ticket tag for dine in or togo… the strange thing is that it pops up twice… i will upload a gif to see if you can see what im talking about… The other thing is when i create a ticket for a customer entity the ticket tag only pops up once…

i can send someone my rules if need be… i know its something to do with them but im not sure which one is the cause.

Show the rule handling the question action. You probably just have it on wrong event

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Found my mistake. Had create ticket action in two separate rules.

I followed your instruction’s and made it work, sort of…
It works to make new table when you start with it, but if on next log on you return to the same table it is not showing that table is open already instead it makes new order on the same table/ Is there a fix for this, as this would be very helpful way of logging in in the restaurant with large amount of table numbers?

And maybe an option that number pad stays on permanently without needing to click on the button first to launce number pad?