Numberpad to allow dots

Hello, I want to be able to change quantity of an item and make it in decimals, like for example 0.100g of ham.

However I also have a bunch of products so I use the touchpad to find my product… so it adds as a unit.

I found this link:

And there is a way to make a change to product quantity. However it wont allow me to add dots, how do I edit it? Thanks.

Here is the code

[?Enter New Quantity:\d\d?:{QUANTITY}:N]

Default setup can use dot

You need to be more specific with the format of the numberpad. N gives you the basic numberpad but you can create your own numberpad and add a dot button

Ill find the tutorial now

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[?Enter Customer Birthday;([1-9]|10|11|12) (0?[1-9]|[12]\d|30|31) \d{2}\d{2}?;{TICKET TAG:Customer Birthday};ON;49,50,51|52,53,54|55,56,57|8,48,13]

The numbers at the end are the numbers/symbols that will appear on your custom keypad. The tutorial tells you what number you need for each symbol/number on the keypad

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